Redeployment process FAQ

  • What is redeployment?

    Redeployment is a process that allows eligible staff to apply for appropriate vacancies before they are released for external advertising.

    Am I eligible for redeployment?

    To be eligible for redeployment you must have six months service and have been recruited into your position through the university Recruitment and Selection procedure

    To be a redeployee you will either;

    • be on a fixed term contract due to end
    • as a result of a restructure you have being slotted into a lower graded job and are currently on salary protection and have asked to be included on the register
    • you are currently at risk of redundancy or your position has been made redundant

    Why am I being offered redeployment?

    You are being offered redeployment because of one of the following reasons:

    1. You have a fixed term contract that is due to end within the next four months
    2. Your role has been re-graded at a lower grade and you are now on salary protection
    3. As the result of a restructure or other organisational change your role is at risk or is no longer needed.

    How do I get put forward for redeployment?

    The opportunity for redeployment will be offered by your manager if any of the above apply.

    Can I put myself forward?

    If you feel that you have met the criteria for redeployment and have not yet being offered it by your manager then please call the HR department who will confirm whether you are eligible.

    What information do I need to provide?

    You will need to complete a cover sheet and send this to HR with your current CV.  The cover sheet can be sent to you either by your HR Manager or by contacting it is important that your CV is up to date and aimed at the jobs you are looking for.

    What information do the panel need to know?

    The more information you can include on your cover sheet the better.  You should include information about the type of job you are looking for and at what level.

    How will I be sent vacancies?

    When a vacancy arises the Redeployment panel will look at your CV and cover sheet and if they feel you have the skills and experience for the role they will match you to this.  You will then be emailed details of the vacancy to the email address you provided on your cover sheet, unless you have specifically requested on your cover sheet to be contacted by another method.

    How long will I get to decide if I am interested in a vacancy?

    You will be given 7 days to respond within and express interest in a vacancy.

    How do I apply for a vacancy?

    If you are sent a vacancy and are interested in it you need to reply to the HR Advisor specified, copying in An informal chat about the post will then be arranged for you with the manager of the role.

    What do I do if I would like more information about a vacancy?

    You should contact

    What happens after I have had an informal chat?

    After you have had your informal chat you need to decide if you are interested in the role or not and let both the manager of the role and know either way. If you are still interested then you will go to formal interview.

    Do I have to meet all the essential criteria?

    You do not have to meet every essential criteria (as you would with an external application) but you must be able to show that you can be a credible candidate and able to meet the essential criteria, within a reasonable period of time, with the appropriate training.

    What will the redeployment interview consist of?

    The redeployment interview will follow very similar lines to the interview that you would have had for the position if you had applied for the post as an external candidate.  The interview process will depend on the exact nature of the job and may consist of a formal interview, a test, a presentation or a mixture of these.  The only difference to an external interview is that as a redeployment interview you need to either meet the criteria, or be able to meet the criteria, with the aid of training, within a reasonable time period.

    What is a reasonable time period to meet the criteria?

    A reasonable time period is measured on a case by case basis depending upon the job and criteria that you will need to meet.  The most common time period would be 3-6 months.

    If offered do I have to accept?

    You do not have to accept any position if you do not want to.

    What are the consequences of turning down a vacancy that has been offered to me?

    If you turn down a vacancy that has been offered to you, you will remain on the redeployment list and continue to be put forward for suitable vacancies until either:

    1. Your contract comes to an end at which time your employment will terminate
    2. Your salary protection runs out, at which point you will go down to the lower salary and be removed from the redeployment list.
    3. You accept another role.

    How long can I be on the list for?

    You can remain on the list until either your contract comes to an end, your salary protection ends, you are no longer at risk or you are successfully redeployed into a new position!

    What happens if I am not redeployed?

    1. If you are on a fixed term contract and you are not redeployed before the end of it then your contract with Brookes will expire and your employment will be terminated.
    2. If you are on the redeployment register because you are on a protected salary, you will revert to the lower salary when the protection ends and at that point you will no longer be eligible for the register.
    3. If you are at risk and are not redeployed before your contract terminates, then you will be removed from the redeployment list.

    What happens if I don’t like the job I am redeployed to?

    If you don’t like the job you are redeployed to or the manager feels that it is not proving to be suitable for you within 6- 8 weeks of the redeployment taking place, you or the manager can request that you rejoin the redeployment list.  If you were to rejoin the redeployment list, the same process as before would apply, but you would have to remain in the job you were redeployed to until you are redeployed to another role.

    If I see a job on the Brookes vacancy page can I apply for it?

    In this situation you cannot apply through redeployment, but may apply in the same way as external candidates.

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    Updated July 2014