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    Brookes smoking policy

    Oxford Brookes University is designated a “No Smoking” area and any provision for smokers is concessionary and in general without risk to non-smokers.  This policy also applies to e-cigarettes in the same way.


    • The primary objective is to comply with the Smoke Free Regulations 2007 and to ensure that non-smokers pursue their work activities at the University free from the hazards of tobacco smoke.
    • All buildings and enclosed vehicles of the University are non-smoking. Non-smoking areas include a 5 metre boundary outside building entrances and windows.
    • Any smoking breaks taken are unpaid and only taken with agreement by the line manager and will not be unreasonably withheld.  N.B.  Such breaks are unpaid.
    • Cigarette ends must be extinguished and placed in the bins provided around the campus.
    • Smoking is not permitted in the Halls of Residence across the University.


    Advice is available from the Occupational Health Department for any members of staff who would like to get help in giving up smoking.


    Official Oxford Brookes University no smoking notices are available to hang in office windows and doorways. These notices can be found to download from this policy which can be found on the HR Directorate intranet site.

    Updated Nov 13