FAQ for leavers

  • Your final pay and any outstanding annual leave will be paid on the usual pay day following your last day of service.  For example, if you leave on the 10th October, you will receive your pay on the last working day of October.  

    Your P45 will be sent to your home address after the payroll has run.  Please check your staff HR portal to make sure we have your current / new address.

    You will normally take any outstanding annual leave prior to your leaving date. However, your manager may agree to payment of any outstanding annual if it is not possible to take your leave prior for operational reasons.

    If you have taken more annual leave than your entitlement for the year/ part year,  this will be deducted from your final salary.  Payroll will contact you if your repayment exceeds your final salary payment. Alternatively, you may choose to extend your last day of service.

    Access to your email, staff HR portal, etc, will  cease after your last day of service (this date will be confirmed in your leavers letter which HR will send to you).  

    Don’t forget to to print off any payslips /P60s you may need for future reference before your access ceases.  You should also ensure that any relevant work saved to your desktop, google account, or similar, is transferred to a shared team drive or to your manager as appropriate.

    If it is necessary for business continuity to maintain your e-mail address, your line manager can authorise this for you by raising an affiliate staff request.  Please note that your access will not be available until after your final pay has been run and your P45 has been issued. If for example you leave on the 3rd of November, you would not normally have access until 1st December.   

    Affiliate status for an extended period  may also be requested for those who will continue to have an association with Brookes. Your Faculty/Directorate would need to authorise this request.

    You will be able to keep the same staff number and email address.  However, you will not be able to access your account until the beginning of the next month following your last day of service.  

    This is because we need to end you on the system  to enable us to pay your final salary and issue your P45.   Your final salary is normally paid at the end of the month following your last day of service.  For example if your last day of service is on the 3rd of the month you will not receive your pay until the end of that month.

    If you are a member of the Teacher's Pension Scheme, you will need to have a break of at least one day between contracts to take your pension.  If you are a member of the Universities Superannuation Scheme you should contact HR for further advice.

    If you have resigned from your post to take your pension, but continuing to work as an Associate Lecturer, your continuous service will end and start again from the day you take up your new appointment.  

    If you are transferring from one role to another in the University, your employment will be continuous and you will retain your original continuous service date.

    You will need to formally advise your line manager of your new role, and HR will automatically move you to your new role on receipt of the appointment panel form from your new manager.  You will be expected to work your notice period.  However, sometimes your new  manager may be able to negotiate a shortened notice period with your current manager, and sometimes a transition period is agreed, e.g. two days in your current role and three days in your new role for a period.

    Any annual leave remaining for the current leave year, will transfer with you to your new department.  If you have lots of leave left this may seem unfair to your new department, but this is usually  balanced out across the University over a period of time, with the internal movements of staff.

    Please note annual leave entitlement is different for each group of staff (Professional Services, Academic and Senior Staff) and therefore your entitlement may change if you are moving from one group to another.  This will be detailed in your new contract.

    Yes you would normally transfer on the same spine point.  You will normally benefit from at least one salary spine point increment if you are promoted to a higher grade role.

    We will inform your pension scheme that you have left the University.  Please see the appropriate website for more information and options regarding your pension. 

    Any such outstanding payments will usually be deducted from your final salary.  However, payroll will discuss this with you in advance and advise appropriately.  You may also wish to check with your HR link team for further information / conditions of repayment.

    Before you leave, please ensure that:

    • All University keys are returned to Site Services/the Campus Manager.
    • Car park permits are sent to Site Services/the Campus Manager.
    • Staff identity cards are returned to your Manager /Directorate of Human Resources.
    • All library books borrowed are returned.
    • Any mobile phones, laptops or other University property is returned.
    • University credit cards are returned to Payroll.
    • If it is necessary for business continuity to maintain your e-mail address, your line manager can authorise this for you by raising an affiliate staff request.
    • You leave a forwarding address, with a colleague in your Faculty or Directorate, if you would like mail addressed to you and received here to be forwarded after you have left.
    • If you would like to receive a copy of Observe magazine and keep in touch with the University, please send your contact details to the Alumni Office or email: alumni@brookes.ac.uk
    • Any documents saved in Google documents that are relevant to your Faculty or Directorate are saved elsewhere and your line manager informed.
    • If you are responsible for any general web pages please let your Faculty/Directorate and the core website team (webdev@brookes.ac.uk) know who will take over responsibility for them.
    • If you have a staff profile published on the website please notify your Faculty/Directorate or the core website team (webdev@brookes.ac.uk).