Resignation process and notice periods

  • Staff wishing to resign must write to their Line Manager stating their wish to resign, the date they will be leaving with regard to the notice periods below, and they must also state their reason for leaving  and the sector their new post is in based on the list below:

    01 Working in a higher education institution 02 Working in another education institution
    03 Working in a research institute (private) 04 Working in a research institute (public)
    05 NHS/General medical practice/General dental practice 06 Working in another public sector organisation
    07 Working in the voluntary sector 08 Working in the private sector
    09 Self-employed 10 Registered as a student
    11 Retired 12 Not in regular employment
    90 Not known    

    Location after leaving

    1 England 2 Wales
    3 Scotland 4 Northern Ireland
    5 UK (not otherwise specified) 6 Other - EU
    7 Non-EU 8 Not known
    9 Information refused    


    Senior staff

    Senior staff are required to give and receive not less than 3 months’ notice.

    Professional Services staff/Research and PGTA staff

    Notice to terminate employment on either side is related to grade and is as follows:

    • Spine points up to 29 - 1 Month
    • Spine points 30 - 47 - 2 Months
    • Grade 12 and above - 3 Months
    • Research and PGTA staff - 1 Month

    When the University is giving notice to staff where the statutory notice provisions are more beneficial than the periods set out above, they will apply. The statutory provision is for one weeks’ notice for each completed year of continuous service to a maximum of 12 weeks.

    Academic staff

    Academic staff are required to give two months’ notice in writing to terminate their appointments and to receive three months’ notice in writing.

    All Staff

    Accrued annual leave should be taken before the last day of employment; in exceptional circustances it may be possible for annual leave to be paid in lieu.

    Line Manager’s Responsibility

    When the Line Manager has received a letter of resignation they should complete a Leaver Information Sheet and send it with the resignation letter to the HR Directorate.  The HR Directorate will confirm the resignation and detail items that need to be returned before the last day of employment such as staff card and keys.  The HR Directorate will also send the resigning employee details of a leavers questionnaire for completion.  Exit Interviews are not offered as standard, but any resigning employee who wishes to have an exit interview should contact the HR Directorate.