Overtime and TOIL

  • All overtime must be agreed by your Faculty/Directorate before taking place.  

    Professional services staff

    Overtime is normally only agreed for the following reasons:

    • Cover for a vacant post
    • Cover for a long term absence eg. sickness or maternity leave
    • Additional workload where external funds are available to fund the overtime.

    Overtime is normally paid at the the individual's regular pay rate up to the maximum of the top of the Grade 8 incremental scale.

    Fractional staff undertaking overtime during the normal working week will be paid at the regular pay rate up to the maximum rate of overtime pay at the top of the incremental scale of grade 8.

    Overtime work undertaken at the weekends or on Bank Holiday or concessionary dates will be paid at the following rates:

    • To be added

    Please note if you are required to work outside of normal hours on a regular rota basis, your pay will be as detailed in your contract.  

    Academic Staff

    The nature of the academic role is such that you are expected to work such hours as are reasonably necessary in order to fulfil your duties and responsibilities, subject to the statutory limitations established through the Working Time Directive.  For a part-time post, the duties and responsibilities will be adjusted pro-rata to those normally expected for a full-time member of staff.  Those duties include teaching and tutorial guidance, research and other forms of scholarly activity, examining, curriculum development, administration and related activities.

    Academic staff are not normally eligible to claim overtime payment.  

    Where additional hours have been agreed with the manager there is usually a subsequent adjustment of hours on workload plans.  

    In cases of  lecturers who undertake additional hours to cover long-term absences such as long-term sickness or maternity leave, a temporary increase in FTE may be agreed.

    (Should we include something about hours when working overseas eg attending graduation ceremony etc, for academics and prof services??)

    To prevent any delays in payment, please ensure your form has been completed correctly and approved by your Faculty/Directorate before sending to the Directorate of Human Resources for authorisation and payment.  

    Working Open Days / Applicant Days or similar

    Academic staff are expected to attend open days and weekend teaching etc as part of their role and will not be entitled to claim overtime payment.

    With prior agreement from their line manager, Professional services staff attending opens days or similar will earn TOIL at time and a half for hours worked.