Promotion from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer

  • Applications for promotion to the Senior Lecturer grade may be made annually over the summer period with agreed promotions taking effect from the following 1 September.

    Applicants must have:

    1. worked for at least a full 12 months as a Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University by the 1 September promotion date;

    2. had a satisfactory performance development review (PDR) with his/her line manager within the last three months. For 2021 and in response to current events this requirement is not essential, though all applicants should have had a discussion with their line manager about their performance ahead of any application; and

    3. Made appropriate and satisfactory progress with the First Three Years EXPLORE@Brookes programme, if a new member of academic staff.

    Application process

    Candidates are required to provide the following.

    1. A full CV with publications list (maximum of 8 pages long in minimum of 10pt font with normal margins and no weblinks).

    2. Current Personal Research Plan if they have one.

    3. A completed application form including a critical appraisal from the Head of School and PVC/Dean. Applicants should allow sufficient time for the Head of School and PVC/Dean to complete their appraisals by the 16 July deadline.
      NB: additional guidance for applicants has been produced to assist in making submissions.

    1. These documents should be e-mailed from the Faculty, with all sections completed by applicant and Faculty, to by 16 July.

    2. The central Review Panel will consider applications, match the evidence provided against the Senior Lecturer role profile and make a recommendation to the Vice-Chancellor. The Review Panel comprises members of HR and academics drawn from faculties.

    3. Appeals against a negative decision may be made to The dates of the appeal panel hearing and deadlines for submission of further evidence will be notified by the Director of Human Resources to the applicant in the letter informing him/her of the decision.

    Promotion from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer application form (Word doc)

    May 2021