Associate lecturers

  • Associate Lecturers will normally be offered a part-time, variable hours appointment for an indefinite duration. No specific minimum number of hours of weekly or monthly employment is guaranteed in any given period.

    Raising a contract

    Responsibility Description
    Department Head/ Programme Lead
    • Discuss and agree offer of work with individual and request proof of eligibility to work in UK if progressing
    • Raise Staff Request attaching proof of eligibility work in the UK
      See also: Guidance for managers: completing the online recruitment form *
    • Provide individual with vacancy ID and staff request number and ask them to complete a recruitment form via the University vacancies pages.
    HR Recruitment Team
    • Issue contract on receipt of approved staff request and full documentation
    • The contract will be emailed to individuals Brookes email account.
    Line Manager
    • Induct individual, including ensuring individual is able to access Brookes systems as appropriate
    • Ensure individual as entered bank details via HR staff portal

    Claims process

    The Claim Form, Notes and Guidance on the link below is for use by:

    Associate Lecturers and Associate Researchers should use this Claim Form and can refer to this user guide.

    Casuals and Variable Hours (including Invigilators) should use this Claim Form.