First aid facilities and arrangements

  • OBUHSN-10 Issue 4 January 2008


    1. This Health and Safety Notice should be read and understood by all employees of Oxford Brookes University. It should also be read and understood by all members of the student body.
    2. Under the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 Sections 2 & 3 the University must exercise a duty of care to employees and others. The University’s Health and Safety Policy Statement commits the University to providing sufficient trained first aiders to treat staff, students and visitors who require attention while at University sites.
    3. This Health & Safety Notice describes how the Health and Safety Policy Statement will be implemented by providing appropriate first aid facilities.
      • Procedures to be followed in case of emergency are described in the Health & Safety Notice on Emergency Procedures ( OBUHSN-09).
    4. All accidents/incidents must be reported to an appropriate member of staff and the approved reporting procedures must be followed. These are detailed in the Health & Safety Notice Accident Reporting Procedures and Investigations (OBUHSN-11).


    • The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work. The University is under a duty to comply with the Regulations and Occupational Health assists with this process. 
      • There will be an appropriate number of first aiders trained and appointed throughout the Faculties/Directorates to provide first aid to those in the workplace. This number is determined by the risk assessment of the work being carried out in the area, the number of employees and the pattern of work as determined by advice from the Occupational Health Service.
      • Following risk assessment Occupational Health will contact Deans and Directors to locate a volunteer to undertake The Health and Safety at Work First Aid Certificate. This is a four-day course that covers the curriculum to train someone to the standard necessary to provide first aid cover at work. The volunteer completes a training nomination form from OCSLD and if approved by Occupational Health, OCSLD will organise training provided by external contractors. See section 7 for details for the provision of first aiders or appointed persons for specialised activities such as field trips.
      • It is the responsibility of Deans of Faculties/Directors of Directorates to ensure that first aid signs, which comply with the Safety Signs and Signal Regulations, are displayed at appropriate locations across the University. The information on the signs should include the names of the nearest first aiders, their internal telephone numbers and their normal locations. First Aiders should ensure that their contact details are displayed on the signs in the area in which they usually work. First Aid signs are available from the Occupational Health Team.
      • In accordance with the Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, 1992, (Section 25) and First Aid at Work Regulations, 1981, facilities for staff to rest are available on all main sites of the University (see Appendix 1 at bottom of this page).  These facilities are also available for the use of pregnant women and nursing mothers.
      • Qualified first aiders must be in possession of a current 'First aid at Work' certificate, and will be expected to:
        • familiarise themselves with the location of first aid boxes in or adjacent to the areas where they are working
        • provide an immediate treatment service for minor injuries and advise the patient on possible and appropriate further actions
        • advise on the immediate supervision of serious accidents and illnesses and ensure that specialist help is obtained as necessary
        • report any untoward incident to either their line management or to the Senior Occupational Health Advisor/Safety Officer, (this report may be separate from the formal accident report that has to be completed by persons involved in or witness to the accident or incident, see  OBUHSN-11 for details of accident reporting procedures)
        • be trained to use any special first aid features provided, to deal with specific hazards which may arise in their work-area (e.g. certain toxic chemicals). Members of staff working with special hazards such as the use of certain toxic chemicals requiring particular first aid expertise and equipment must ensure that the appropriate safety arrangements and first aid cover are available before commencement of any such work. Advice must be sought on the provision of appropriate antidotes, their administration and possible shelf-life
        • check first aid boxes in the area for which they are responsible and ensure that stocks of material are replenished and up-dated
        • check first aid signs in the area for which they are responsible and ensure that they are correctly completed
        • have in safe keeping a current copy of the First Aid Manual that is issued at ‘First aid at Work’ courses.

    Contacting a first aider

    1. To identify your nearest first aider:
      • click on First Aiders in the electronic internal telephone directory
      • look on the green first aid signs located on the walls around the University
      • telephone the University switchboard by dialling zero on any internal telephone.

    Other activities for consideration

    1. Members of staff arranging field trips or work experience for staff or students must ensure that appropriate safety arrangements and first aid cover are available, in accordance with Field Work and Outdoor Education,  OBUHSN-24, paragraph 10. Special first aid boxes may be required for such occasions. First Aid training requirements for these groups must be risk assessed by the appropriate Faculty or Directorate. OCSLD are able to assist with booking such courses as appointed persons with invoicing via the local directorate to which the individual is employed.
    2. Members of staff intending to travel overseas on University business or as part of their studies should refer to Overseas Travel  OBUHSN-38 paragraph 19 and or the Senior Occupational Health Advisor when planning the trip.

    Medical centres

    1. A Medical Centre with qualified health staff is located in Room DG12a on the Gipsy Lane campus, its purpose is to provide student health care during semesters at posted times. In exceptional circumstances a limited walk-in emergency service may be offered to staff, students and others at these times. It must be noted that the medical centre staff do not have the resources to attend to first aid calls outside of the medical centre. If there is any doubt about the seriousness of an injury an ambulance should be called without delay.

    Occupational health

    1. The Occupational Health (OH) team are able to five advice and practical assistance on managing health risks at work, controlling the effects of health on work, rehabilitation back to work following illness or disability and promote general health at work. Prefer refer to the Framework Policy Statement on Occupational Health.


    OBUHSN-10 Issue January 2008 Appendix 1

    Location of rest rooms

    • Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane site, room AG21c
    • Wheatley Campus, room A1.09
    • Harcourt Hill Campus, room 22, Scott House

    OBUHSN-10 Issue January 2008 Appendix 2

    Statutory contents of a first aid box

    Health and Safety approved code of practice Kit No 1 Kit No 2 Kit No 3 Kit No 4
    First aid guidance leaflet 1 1 1 1
    Plasters (blue for food industry) 20 40 60 20
    Eye pads with bandage No 16 2 4 6 -
    Triangular bandage 4 6 8 2
    Wound dressing medium 6 9 12 -
    Wound dressing large 2 3 4 1
    Safety pins 6 12 12 6
    Disposable gloves (pairs) 1 2 3 1
    Alchol free wipes 6 10 20 2