OBUHSN 31 Appendix 2 Strategies to avoid the dangers of lone working

  • Learn to trust senses and feelings

    Everyone has an in-built warning system called the flight or fight syndrome. The human body tells you when things are going wrong. Training can make people aware of these warnings and how to use them to the individuals advantage.

    Use of Protective Behaviour

    • Simple tactics for staff/students to use if they believe they are being followed.
    • Check if you are being followed by crossing the street or deviating from the route.
    • Never walk through dark, quiet areas.
    • If you are worried, contact the police. It is better to be safe than sorry.
    • Change your working habits as often as possible. In this way it will be more difficult for you to be targeted over a period of time.


    Specialist training in this field can be invaluable.

    It could save your life.