Oxford Brookes University Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment Committee (OBUHSWEC)

  • OBUHSN-05 Issue 09 January 2017


    1. This Health and Safety Notice should be read and understood by all employees of Oxford Brookes University. It should also be read and understood by members of the student body.
    2. The Oxford Brookes University Health, Safety and Welfare Committee (OBUHSWC) meets twice each semester or at such times as may be required by emergencies or to consider other urgent business. A member of the Senior Management Team nominated by the Vice-Chancellor will chair the meetings of the committee.

    Terms of reference

    1. The function of the committee is to promote co-operation between management and employees throughout the University to develop and implement appropriate measures to will ensure health, safety and welfare of employees at work. Whilst management is ultimately responsible for ensuring that this policy is being fulfilled and for the regular and effective monitoring of health and safety procedures, the committee is responsible for approving the arrangements for ensuring the continued wellbeing of staff, students and visitors.

    2. The terms of reference of the Committee will include:
    • the development, introduction and monitoring of health and safety standards and safe systems of working;
    • reporting to management on any unsafe or unhealthy conditions and practices together with recommendations for remedial action;
    • examination of safety audits and inspection reports together with recommendations for improvement;
      the review of accident statistics and trends;
    • consideration of reports from appointed safety advisers and safety representatives;
    • analysis of information and reports provided by enforcing authority inspectors;
    • reviewing the adequacy and effectiveness of safety and health communications in the workplace;
    • reviewing the effectiveness of health and safety training; and
    • promoting the health, safety and welfare of the University's workforce.


    1. The membership of the committee has been structured in order to secure wide representation of staff and management from across the University. Management representation is aimed at ensuring adequate authority to give proper consideration to views and recommendations, and will include those with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to provide the necessary information on official policy, teaching needs and technical matters in relation to premises, plant, machinery and equipment.
    2. The formal membership of the Committee is given in Appendix 1. The current membership by name of appointee is given in Appendix 2.
    3. This Health and Safety Notice is issued after due consultation between Management and Employee representatives.


    1. Formal membership of the OBUHSWC
    2. Current membership of the OBUHSWC