• Coaching Colloquium

      Coaching Supervision Colloquium

  • Call for contributions to the second Coaching Supervision Colloquium

    30 April - 1 May 2020

    The Coaching Supervision Colloquium runs in alternate years to the International Conference on Coaching Supervision (in its 8th iteration in 2019). We adopted the colloquium format for the first time in 2018 in order to create an opportunity to explore specific themes of supervision in smaller groups with everyone participating. This allowed participants to engage more deeply as a community with current problems in the world of coaching supervision, providing an opportunity for every practitioner to add to important debates based on the insights from their practice. Although we will invite one or two speakers to make us think about the topics of the colloquium, the main focus will be on our own contributions and discussions.

    What are the topics for Coaching Supervision Colloquium 2020?

    This year we will be discussing two topics, each of which presents conceptual and practical challenges for the supervisor. The topics will be:

    1. Uncertainty vs certainty in supervision
    2. The role of the group supervisor

    How can you take part in the Colloquium 2020?

    In order to become a participant contributor, you will need to submit a case on one of the topics of the colloquium. The case should highlight the problem that you have encountered as a supervisor and the outcome of it (positive or negative). What is most important is your thinking and rationale for the decisions you made, the sense that you have made of this case afterwards and the unanswered questions that it left you with.

     The purpose of this case is to trigger discussion about the topic and we will not be ‘re-supervising’ the case itself, though the group may be facilitated to examine other participants’ material if it is relevant to understanding the topic.

    The description of the case should be between 1000 and 1500 words and the case should be fully anonymised.

    What will happen next?

    If you submit the case we will form the groups to explore the topics of the colloquium and invite you to attend with the discounted price for 2 days of this event. We will have a limited number of fully-priced places for those who only wish to participate without submitting a case.  The experience of the last colloquium was that generally the case-holders benefited from their more immediate engagement with the topic.

    What will be structure of the Colloquium 2020?

    We will start on Thursday 30th April in the afternoon with an introduction after which we will be working in groups according to the topics of the colloquium to explore all the cases brought by participants. The goal here is to deepen and broaden our understanding of the topic and potentially offer some tangible outcomes.  Facilitators will be working to enrich meaning, rather than necessarily to achieve consensus. This work will continue during the second morning (1st May) with a plenary session in the afternoon for all groups with an overview of the work done.

    Please, submit your case to Matty Mathe iccams@brookes.ac.uk at the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies by 23 January 2020

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