• Coaching Colloquium

      Coaching Supervision Colloquium

  • 11 -12 May 2018, Oxford Brookes University, UK

    The International Conference on Coaching Supervision ran for the 7th time in 2017. It has been offering the coaching supervision community around the world an opportunity to share research, ideas and reflection on practice. It has become a major event for coaching supervisors and we still are dedicated to hosting it. However, being innovators in this field we decided that now is the right time to enhance this event by creating a different opportunity in addition to current arrangement. We propose to run the Conference every two years, with a Coaching Supervision Colloquium running on alternate years.

    What is the Coaching Supervision Colloquium and how is it different from the conference? As we envisage it, the colloquium creates an opportunity to explore specific themes of supervision in smaller groups with everyone participating. We believe this will allow us to engage deeply with current problems in the world of coaching supervision, providing an opportunity for every practitioner to add to important debates based on the insights from their practice. Although we will invite one or two speakers to make us think about the topics of the colloquium, the main focus will be on our own contributions and discussions.

    What are the topics for Coaching Supervision Colloquium 2018?

    There will be three topics that loosely correspond to the three main functions of supervision. Each topic represents a problematic situation or challenge in our work as supervisors:

    1. The legal and ethical risks in supervision work
    2. The issues of power in the development of coaches
    3. Emotional labour in coaching supervision

    What will be the structure of the Colloquium 2018?

    We will start on Friday 11 May with the Introductory overview of the first and second topics of the Colloquium by Peter Jackson and Tatiana Bachkirova. After that we will be working in groups according to the topics of the colloquium to explore all the cases brought by participants to arrive at deeper understanding of the topic and potentially offer some tangible outcomes. This work will continue during the second morning (12th May) after the interactive keynote presentation by Michael Soth and finishing with a plenary session to draw the threads of our work on cases.

    Our guest speaker Michael Soth will give an interactive talk on the third topic of the Colloquium ‘The 12 emotional labours of the supervisor’

    Michael Soth is an integral-relational Body Psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor, with more than 30 years' experience of practising and teaching from an integrative perspective. Drawing from a broad-spectrum range of psychotherapeutic approaches, he integrates supervision principles from both psychoanalytic and humanistic traditions. He has written numerous articles and several book chapters and is a frequent presenter at conferences. Extracts from his published writing as well as summaries of presentations and hand-outs are available at INTEGRA CPD or find him on Facebook and Twitter (INTEGRA_CPD).  He first presented his expanded model of parallel process (extending the Hawkins/Shohet model from two to 5 matrices) at the inaugural UKCP supervision conference in 2007.

    If you have any inquiries, please contact contact us via  iccams@brookes.ac.uk

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