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    Using the extensive and diverse expertise of our team we are able to support organisations with a range of tailored services. We adopt a partnership approach to evaluate specific client needs and design bespoke programmes that support both individual and organisational objectives. With leading authors, practitioners and academics across a variety of fields we draw on the latest research ideas to deliver leading edge coaching and mentoring based services. Our clients choose us for the flexibility and credibility of our programmes that offer customised solutions.

    Services that we provide

  • Many organisations that introduce coaching programmes wish to ascertain the value these programmes provide for the organisation. Our team is experienced in small and large scale methodologies designed to establish the extent of the contribution coaching programmes provide.

    An example of such an evaluation is the project that we led at the London Deanery (picture of the report): Bachkirova, T., Arthur, L. and Reading, E. (2015). Evaluating a coaching and mentoring programme: Challenges and solutions, International Coaching Psychology Review, 10(2), pp. 175-189.

    Programmes are always designed to the individual client specification but may be based on one-off events such as training courses through to end-to-end consultancy for the implementation of coaching or mentoring schemes.

    We are able to offer, initial coach training, such as coaching skills for managers, specific CPD sessions to enhance the skills of practicing coaches and development for experienced coaches plus full scheme evaluation.

    In addition, our extensive pool of qualified executive coaches are available for one-to-one interactions. This pool of coaches are based across the country, with a broad variety of industry experience.

    Coaching supervision is an important area of expertise of the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies. We had the first MA programme in coaching practice to provide coaching supervision for our students. We teach and accredit coaching supervisors.This expertise allows us to offer supervision services for coaches engaged in the coaching programmes within organisations of the private and public sector.

    Ensuring the quality of coaching provision can prove challenging for organisation. We are able to offer to organisations assessment centres that follow a unique system that we developed at the International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring Studies.

    This system aims to avoid shortfalls of the traditional competences based approaches to coach assessment which have been recently extensively critiqued. Our assessment system aims at evaluating more holistic capabilities of coaches rather than only skills-focused competences.

  • These services are supported by the Business School External Engagement team.

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