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  • Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits (INDEPTH)

    Plants are vital to human life and health and are essential to mitigate the effects of climate change. Due to their sessile lifestyle, plants have developed the ability to rapidly adapt their genome expression in response to environmental challenges. Multiple lines of evidence indicate that spatial (3D) organization of nuclear DNA is critical in this adaptation process and the Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits (INDEPTH) network will decipher how nuclear architecture, chromatin organization and gene expression are connected and modified in response to internal and external cues. This is COST Action CA16212

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    INDEPTH-related Job and Studentship opportunities.

    The Probst / Tatout team at the GReD institute in Clermont-Ferrand, France, has the possibility to present a candidate for a Post-doc position financed by our university (University Clermont Auvergne) for the duration of one year, renewable (Brut salary: 2464 Euros).

    Our team studies chromatin and nuclear organization and we wish to present a candidate interested to reinforce our research axis on histone variants and chaperones. If the selected by the UCA, the potential candidate will follow up on our recent characterization of different histone chaperones and their role in histone variant deposition and recycling with a special emphasis on transcription-coupled histone dynamics (Duc, Plant J, 2015; Duc Plant Cell, 2017; Benoit, New Phytologist, 2019; Le Goff, Plant J, 2020), but if the candidate wishes to develop a related project in line with our research on histone variants this can also be discussed. The deadline for the proposal is the 8thof June 2020 and the position is meant to start after the 1stof October 2020. The candidate needs to hold a PhD degree by the beginning of the post-doctoral project.

    Please contact Aline PROBST at aline.probst@uca.fr

    ITC Travel Grants

    Up to €1500 is available for INDEPTH members from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) to travel to an international meeting to represent their research alongside promotion of INDEPTH activities.

    Details about available ITC grants can be found here

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    • Training School on IMARIS-based 3D Image Processing: Rescheduled for December 2020

      Training School on IMARIS-based 3D Image Processing: Rescheduled for December 2020

      In this training school you will learn how to use the Imaris software (Bitplane AG, Switzerland) to analyse and quantify structures of the cell’s nucleus in 3D: chromatin, nuclear bodies, components of the nuclear envelope, nuclear factors and complexes, genomic regions … tagged by fluorescent proteins, immunostaining, FISH signals…

    • COST Advice for Online Networking

      COST Advice for Online Networking

      In these unprecedented and challenging times the COST Association has some great advice about the different options that are available for online networking, which is clearly a key component of our activities.

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