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  • Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits (INDEPTH)

    Plants are vital to human life and health and are essential to mitigate the effects of climate change. Due to their sessile lifestyle, plants have developed the ability to rapidly adapt their genome expression in response to environmental challenges. Multiple lines of evidence indicate that spatial (3D) organization of nuclear DNA is critical in this adaptation process and the Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits (INDEPTH) network will decipher how nuclear architecture, chromatin organization and gene expression are connected and modified in response to internal and external cues. This is COST Action CA16212

    Download Interim Report (February 2020).

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    INDEPTH-related Job and Studentship opportunities.

    February 16th 2021: PhD position to study the interplay between chromosome dynamics and meiotic recombination with Mathlide Grelon. More information here. Application deadline is April 10th.

    February 15th 2021: 2-year postdoctoral contract to work on the recently-funded project: The rise of giant genomes in land plants: uncovering the evolutionary processes driving genome obesity (GIANTS).  Download details here. Interested candidates should send a CV and a one-page motivation letter to Jaume Pellicer.  jaume.pellicer@ibb.csic.es

    February 12th 2021: A permanent junior research scientist position in epigenetics of nodulation has been opened by The French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment (INRAE) at the LIPME (Laboratory of Interactions Plants Microorganisms Environment). More details here. Contact  Andreas Niebel for more details. 

    ITC Travel Grants

    Up to €1500 is available for INDEPTH members from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) to travel to an international meeting to represent their research alongside promotion of INDEPTH activities.

    Details about available ITC grants can be found here

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    • Agrisera Poster Prize

      Agrisera Poster Prize

      Anis Meschichi from Stefanie Rosa's lab at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences won the poster prize at the SEB-INDEPRTH Main meeting in El Escorial

    • Final Schedule for SEB-INDEPTH Main meeting

      Final Schedule for SEB-INDEPTH Main meeting

      The final schedule is set for the SEB-INDEPTH meeting on 'Impact of chromatin domains on plant phenotypes'.

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