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  • Joining the INDEPTH COST Action

    If you are interested in joining Action please contact the INDEPTH Chairman stating why the research program of your lab would enhance the overall activity of the Action.

    Christophe Tatout

    For any questions about INDEPTH Meetings/Trainings/Reimbursements and general Information, please contact the Grant Holder Manager

    Franziska Fischer

  • Information about INDEPTH activities

    If you need any information about the activities of INDEPTH please contact the Dissemination and Training Chair.

    Geraint Parry

    If you are interested about the activities of any workgroup then please contact the workgroup chairs.

    WG1: Ana Paula Santos

    WG2: Stefanie Rosa

    WG3: Ales Pecinka

    WG4: Bjorn Greuenig

    If you are interested in Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) please contact the STSM coordinator:

    Lazlo Kozma-Bognar,

    or David Evans,