• INDEPTH Image Repository

  • An important part of INDEPTH activities are to improve techniques for imaging the plant nucleus, data analysis of imaging data and providing access to images for teachers and researchers.

    To facilitate the supply of training datasets and provides images for teaching we have developed an open access repository of nucleus images. This has been set up in collaboration between the leaders of INDEPTH WG1 and Hank Bass at Florida State University and is hosted on the FSU OMERO servers.

    The INDEPTH Public Image Data includes both images from published research as well as unpublished images. These are available for researchers or teachers to freely access, download and use for their own activities.

    Please access the OMERO server here:

    Hank Bass provides a video description of how to access these images. We are currently planned an updated version of this tutorial that has more detail.     

  • Joining the INDEPTH COST Action

    If you are interested in joining Action please contact the INDEPTH Chairman stating why the research program of your lab would enhance the overall activity of the Action.

    Christophe Tatout