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    An important part of the activities of the COST Action involve scientific meeting that bring together a wide set of scientists to build collaborations and to share expertise in experimental techniques.

  • Scientific Meetings

    Upcoming Meetings:

    PlantEdOctober 2020: PlantEd Cost Action meeting in Lecce, Italy. We hope to collaborate with the PlantEd Cost Action to be a part of this main meeting. The planning for this event is ongoing and more details about INDEPTH involvement will appear later in 2020. 

    SEB_Prague_2020 June 29th- July 2nd 2021: The SEB Main Meeting in Antwerp will include a three-day symposium on ''Dynamic organization of the nucleus across kingdoms'. Registration will be open in early 2021. If you have any questions about this please contact David Evans. This event has been delayed from Summer 2020 due to the COVID19 situation. 

    Past Meetings

    Madrid_Title_Square December 9th-11th 2019: Main Meeting for INDEPTH Grant Period 3: El Escorial, Spain.

    - This meeting was co-organised as a Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) Plant and Cell Symposium. Over half of the invited speakers were from outside the INDEPTH consortium and brings together an international expertise in this research area.

    Download the Meeting abstract book here (PDF). A meeting report is held on the INDEPTH News pages.


    Prague_Title February 24th- 27th 2019: Main Meeting for INDEPTH Grant Period 2: Prague, Czech Republic.

    - This meeting focussed on updates from INDEPTH members with a small number of invited external speakers. The sessions wer aligned with the INDEPTH Workgroup topics and the abstract book from this meeting can be downloaded. Watch the exciting YouTube video from the meeting.

    - June 25th-29th: International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR): The activities of the INDEPTH consortium will be introduced and discussed during a workshop sessions at ICAR2018 in Turku, Finland. Please come to the workshop to learn more about this exciting grant.

    - July 3th-6th 2018: SEB Main Meeting, Florence: Members of the INDEPTH consortium are involved in the organisation of the two-day session entitled ' Functional Organisation of the Nuclear Periphery'. Information about this session and registering for the SEB meeting can be found here.

    Clermont-Title March 12th-14th 2018: INDEPTH Kickoff meeting in Clermont-Ferrand.

    - Download the abstract book from this meeting. Watch a video from the exciting kickoff meeting.

    ITC Conference Grants

    Up to €2000 is available for INDEPTH members from Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey) to travel to an international meeting to represent their research alongside promotion of INDEPTH activities.

    Please contact to enquire about applying for these grants.

    Training Schools

    INDEPTH will organize six training schools that will be organised during the course of the grant. These allow up to 20 early career researchers to spend 5 days at a partner lab learning skills that will aid their research.

    Training School 1: Cytogenetics

    • Université Clermont Auvergne, France: October 15th-19th 2018.
      Training program will focus on DNA and RNA FISH (root tips, whole mount, acrylamide embedded protocol).
      Photos and brief report from Training School 1 is on the INDEPTH news page.

    Training School 2: From Pictures 2 Numbers

    • University of Antwerp, Belgium. September 10th-12th 2019
      The aim of this course was to lower the threshold for researchers who use microscopy on a routine basis and/or demand image analysis for their own research.

      We were able to support up to 15 INDEPTH members. The workshop will host a maximum of 30 delegates and preference will be given the delegates who can bring their own datasets for analysis. All the relevant information can be found on the Meeting Workshop. If you have any questions about the meeting then. please contact Winnok De Vos.

    Training School 3: Plant Nuclear Proteomics

    • Training School on Plant Nuclear Proteomics took place in Olomouc, Czech Republic between July 8th-12th 2019. The program will include the following topics covered by lectures and laboratory experiments: 1) Plant sample preparation and flow cytometry of cell nuclei 2) Digestion of the nuclei by a nuclease 3) Protein recovery and proteolytic digestion 4) Peptide desalting

      5) Reversed-phase liquid chromatography of peptides 6) Tandem mass spectrometry (ESI-MS/MS and MALDI-MS/MS) 7) MS/MS data processing & bioinformatics.

      Claire Jourdain (Freie University in Berlin) reported from this excellent event.


    Training School 4: Imaris-based Image Processing

    Training School 5: Bioinformatics

    • Location TBD. Date TBD

    Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

    STSMs allow the travel of an early career researcher to a lab in a different partner country in order to learn an experimental technique that will be valuable for their future research. STSMs may last up to 3 months and are financially supported by the COST Action.

    Current STSMs:

    The 5th round of STSM are now open for applications and the deadline has been extended to allow for more applications.

    Full information about this call can be downloaded here.

    This call has an open deadline as long as the STSM is completed before the end of March 2020. Please contact Laszlo Kozma-Bognar for more information.

    General rules regarding INDEPTH STSMs can be downloaded here.

    If you have any questions about STSMs then please do not hesitate to contact the STSM coordinator Laszlo Kozma-Bognar (

    Watch a short video from the INDEPTH meeting in Prague that has 4 successful STSM students talking about their positive experiences conducting an STSM.

    Past STSMs:

    Please download final reports from previous STSM to learn about the exciting training opportunities supported by the INDEPTH Action:

    October 2018: Andrea Tomlie: Identification of novel components of the plant nuclear envelope. Oxford Brookes University > UCA, Clermont-Ferrand. Project description not final report.

    September 2018: Dina Loginova: The structural and functional organization of prophase I nuclei in wheat- rye hybrids. Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirs, Russia > IPK Gatersleben, Germany. Project description not final report.

    September 2018: Ksenija Taski-Ajdukovic: Chro matin changes as regulation of gene expression in response to drought in crops. Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops - Serbia > University of Padova, Italy. Project description not final report.

    August 2018: Miguel Montez Coelho: Nuclear imaging of transcriptional states of a key seed dormancy gene regulated by sense and antisense RNAs. Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Poland > Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU. Project description not final report.

    April 2018- Sophie Desset: 3D FiSH in plants with DNA probes. Université Clermont Auvergne > Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU

    March 2018: Gianluca Teano: Deciphering how histone H1 variants drive light-controlled heterochromatin dynamics in Arabidopsis. IBENS, Paris > University of Zürich

  • Joining the INDEPTH COST Action

    If you are interested in joining Action please contact the INDEPTH Chairman stating why the research program of your lab would enhance the overall activity of the Action.

    Christophe Tatout