Agrisera Poster Prize

Friday, 20 December 2019


Anis Meschichi from Stefanie Rosa's lab at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences won the poster prize at the SEB-INDEPRTH Main meeting in El Escorial

Warmest congratulations to Anis Meschichi, doctoral student at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), who received Agrisera Best Poster Prize for his poster: "CHARACTERIZING CHROMATIN MOBILITY AND HISTONE DYNAMICS DURING DNA DAMAGE RESPONSES"" during Impact of Chromatin Domains on Plant Phenotypes meeting taking place in Madrid between 9 and 11th of December. 

As his prize Anis will receive a free antibody from Agrisera!

-> Please check out Agrisera's selection of Plant Antibodies here.

Image: Anis receives congratulations from INDEPTH WG5 leader Geraint Parry