Collaborative INDEPTH paper in The Plant cell

Wednesday, 03 February 2021


Francesca Lopez and colleagues have published a paper in The Plant Cell, which is a testament to the excellent interactions that have developed during the INDEPTH project.

Francesca B Lopez, Antoine Fort, Luca Tadini, Aline V Probst, Marcus McHale, James Friel, Peter Ryder, Frédéric Pontvianne, Paolo Pesaresi, Ronan Sulpice, Peter McKeown, Galina Brychkova, Charles Spillane, Gene dosage compensation of rRNA transcript levels in Arabidopsis thaliana lines with reduced ribosomal gene copy numberThe Plant Cell, 2021;, koab020,

During INDEPTH Francesca has participated in many activities including two STSMs, two main meetings and a training school! These interactions brought together collaborators who are authors on this manuscript, including Aline Probst and Frédéric Pontvianne. This demonstrates the remarkable ability of Cost Actions to build collaborations! Congratulations to all the authors!

The Plant Science community Plantae feature Francesca in their First-Author-Profile series:

Francesca discussed her research and STSM on a recent INDEPTH Academy webinar: