Dates for the INDEPTH Diary

Wednesday, 08 August 2018

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2019 dates for INDEPTH Conferences

The INDEPTH Management committee has established 2019 dates for two main meetings. Please make a note of these if you might be interested in attending. Registration will begin for these over the coming months so please watch this space for updates.

Main Meeting for INDEPTH Grant Period 2:

February 24th- 27th 2019: Prague, Czech Republic.

This meeting will be focussed on updates from INDEPTH members with a small number of invited external speakers. The sessions will be aligned with the INDEPTH Workgroup topics.

Main Meeting for INDEPTH Grant Period 3.

Impact of Chromatin Domains on Plant Phenotypes

December 9th-13th 2019: Madrid, Spain

This meeting is co-organised as a Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) Plant and Cell Symposium. Over half of the invited speakers will be from outside the INDEPTH consortium and we will bring together an international group of outstanding speakers to discuss this emerging topic.

The meeting will include the following sessions:

  • Chromatin domains at the Nuclear Periphery
  • Role of Histone Variants and Modifications in Control of Chromatin Dynamics
  • Importance of Chromatin Dynamics during Plant Reproduction
  • Technological advances for characterisation of Chromatin Domains
  • Influence of Nuclear Domains on gene expression
  • Role of Chromatin Domains in response to Biotic and Abiotic Stress

Important there will be 18 talks selected from submitted abstracts so there will be plenty of opportunities for early career researchers to present their data. In addition there will be two poster sessions with a selection of Flash talks to advertise those posters.