EMBO Workshop: Histone chaperones: Structure, function and role in development and disease

Tuesday, 07 May 2019


Registration Deadline: 31th July 2019. Abstract Submission Deadline: 30th June 2019. Chosen Participants Will Be Notified By 20th August 2019.

Histone chaperones are the architects of epigenetic inheritance. They are responsible for deposition of histones on DNA to form chromatin, in addition to their removal from DNA to enable genomic processes to occur and be tightly regulated.

Therefore, they determine composition and distribution of nucleosomes throughout genomes, defining heritable epigenetic landscapes in eukaryotic cells. Histone chaperones form a separate group of proteins differing in structure and mode of interactions with histones, compared to ATP-dependent chromatin remodelers and enzymes modifying histones post-translationally.

In the 40 years since the discovery of the first member of the histone chaperone family, a wide range of studies have determined that their primary function is to accompany and safeguard histones throughout their cellular life. Individual members of this highly diverse family vary widely with respect to molecular structure, specificity, and spectrum of biological functions.

Indeed, for some of them, their histone chaperone role was discovered after years of intensive research, and the role of many putative players are waiting to be confirmed. The goal of the meeting is to develop better definitions of the histone chaperones, new approaches to reverse the biochemical consequences of altered histone chaperone function in disease, and a greater understanding of epigenetic inheritance.

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