Wednesday, 16 September 2020


A new COST Action launches in September 2020 that has great relevance to INDEPTH members!

The ultimate objective of this proposed COST action is to define, develop, generate and share new breaking knowledge and methodologies for the investigation of epigenetic mechanisms modulating plant adaptation to environmental stresses driven by climate change.

So far, no international network has been created with the aim of standardizing methodology in plant epigenetics/epigenomics and better integrate these data with other “omic” approaches. EPI-CATCH will create a pan-European framework for networking in this under- investigated research field. This COST Action will use a unique cross-disciplinary approach that brings together industrial developers, molecular geneticists, molecular biologists, crop breeders, agronomists, plant pathologists, and bioinformaticians. EPI-CATCH will explore new frontiers on both innovative and translational research targeting the new challenges in plant epigenetics.

Four main specific objectives will be addressed by four working groups:

1) update of the most recent findings in crop epigenomics related to climate change

2) development of new concepts and approaches in crop epigenetics and epigenomics that can be transferable in other living organisms

3) establishment of common standardized pipelines, methods and workflows for generation, analysis and interpretation of epigenetic/epigenomic data

4) an intense output dissemination and training for early-career scientists.

The methodologies, concepts and ideas developed by EPI-CATCH will assist stakeholders to develop future innovative technologies to enhance environmental sustainability of agriculture in a rapid climate change scenario.

There are clear links between Epi-CATCH and INDEPTH including INDEPTH WG2 leader Sara Farrona as Ireland MC representative.

The link to the Epi-CATCH Introductory page is here