Final Schedule for SEB-INDEPTH Main meeting

Friday, 29 November 2019


The final schedule is set for the SEB-INDEPTH meeting on 'Impact of chromatin domains on plant phenotypes'.

This meeting brings together a global set of researchers with expertise on the developmental role of chromatin domains, both in plants and animal systems.

Download the Final Abstract Book here (PDF):

These are the schedule highlights:

Opening Keynote: Wendy Bickmore (University of Edinburgh)

Session I: Emerging functions of Chromatin domains

Session II: Role of Histone Variants and Modifications in Control of Chromatin Dynamics

Session III: Importance of Chromatin Dynamics during Plant Reproduction

Session IV: Technological advances for characterisation of Chromatin Domains

Session V: Influence of Nuclear Domains on gene expression

Keynote: Niels Stein (IPK Gatersleben, Germany)

Session VI: Role of Chromatin Domains in response to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses