First INDEPTH Training School on 3D FISH

Friday, 05 October 2018


The first INDEPTH training school takes place in Clermont Ferrand Oct15th-19th 2018. This event has received kind sponsorship from I-SITE Clermont and the University Clermont Auvergne.

The Probst-Tatout team organizing a training school in "3D-FiSH and Image Analysis" in the frame of INDEPTH. This first training school will also be supported at the local scale by the University Clermont Auvergne (, the Wide Open to the World (WOW!) Program from the CAP20-25 project ( and by the GReDlaboratory  ( through its Confocal Imaging Platform.

The training school features a number of external speakers providing talks that are open to the public.


-Hank Bass, Florida State University (Monday, October 15th) : "Seeing the genome of maize: 3D FISH analysis of nuclear architecture and chromosome behavior“

-Monica Pradillo, ComplutenseUniversity of Madrid (Tuesday, October 16th) : "Nuclear envelope and chromosomes: a knotty relationship during meiosis and DNA repair“

-Elise Bertrand, Zeiss France (Wednesday, October 17th) : "Microscopy, confocal microscopy andimaging"

-Christophe Chamot, PLATIM, ensLyon (Thursday, October 18th): "Segmentation and counting: data-analysis strategies using ImageJ“

-CéliaBaroux, University of Zürich (Friday, October 19th): "Next challenge in plant high-resolution microscopy“


Paul Fransz (University of Amsterdam) and Stefanie Rosa (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) will also be part of the training team.

Participating students are from Turkey, Tunisia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and France.