INDEPTH-Academy technical webinar on NucleusJ with Christophe Tatout and Sophie Desset

Monday, 11 January 2021

Tatout Webinar

Professor Christophe Tatout and Dr Sophie Desset from University Clermont Auvergne lead this technical webinar on NucleusJ 2.0. This is a new release of NucleusJ. a tool to analyze nuclear morphology and chromatin organization in plant and animal cells.

When: Wednesday February 3rd 2pm GMT

Christophe, Sophie and colleagues recently published this work and they will provide a 30minute introduction to the software. The remainder of the webinar will provide delegates with a unique opportunity to ask technical questions about NucleusJ. Unlike many webinars we welcome detailed questions that someone only with Christophe and Sophie's expertise are able to answer. In the lead up to the webinar we will return to registered delegates to ask if they would like to pre-submit a question.

Dubos T, Poulet A, Gonthier-Gueret C, Mougeot G, Vanrobays E, Li Y, Tutois S, Pery E, Chausse F, Probst AV, Tatout C, Desset S (2020) Automated 3D bio-imaging analysis of nuclear organization by NucleusJ 2.0. Nucleus. doi: 10.1080/19491034.2020.1845012

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