INDEPTH Conference Activities

Friday, 13 July 2018

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Members of the INDEPTH consortium have recently attended the SEB Main Meeting in Florence and the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR) in Finland.

INDEPTH Science Communication Manager Geraint Parry and WG2 co-leader Stefanie Rosa recently attended the ICAR2018 meeting in Turku, Finland where they provided a workshop on INDEPTH activities. We were delighted that over 50 people attended the workshop that will hopefully lead to new researchers joining the network. 

The following week INDEPTH WG1 co-leader Katja Graumann and STSM coordinator David Evans organised a two-day session at the SEB Main Meeting in Florence entitled 'Functional organisation of the nuclear periphery'.  This included talks from INDEPTH members Frederic Pontvianne, Christophe Tatout, Kentaro Tamura and Hank Bass as well as a range of outstanding speakers working in both plant and animal systems.

The poster that was presented at the SEB meeting is available for download as well as the slides from the short talk provided by David Evans that introduced the INDEPTH activities.