INDEPTH image repository- Workshop Lisbon 5-6th September

Tuesday, 11 June 2019


One of the WG1 objectives to collect published datasets of 3D images (e.g. immune, FISH, DAPI) to be stored in the Omero Plataform of INDEPTH, and make them publicly available.

From our previous survey form within WG1, we could identify some expectations that we would like to share with all of you, for example such a database can be:

  • a good resource for teaching, for software benchmarking
  • optimized for Longevity, reusability, reanalysis of image data 
  • allow a better access to publish data, a better visibility of Plant datasets
  • a way to share knowledge and information about experiments underlying the images 
  • a link provided in a publication to a repository enabling the open access to all image data

In this context, we are organizing a workshop focused on implementing the INDEPTH image repository based on the OMERO open source software.

Very few spaces (only about 5/6) are still remaining to attend the workshop. 

We propose to have an OMERO training session including a demonstration of its functionalities. Also, some practice on importing/exporting images from Omero facility. The workshop will also cover the tagging of INDEPTH datasets. Finally, we  expect some interactions with the NEUBIAS COST-Action focused on bio-image analysis and with colleagues from the Cyprius Institute that may offer some data storage facility and computing for the future.

This workshop will be at ITQB Institute, Oeiras Lisbon on 5thand 6thSeptember.

We would very much appreciate if you could let us know till 17thJune by filling in the Excel file below

Please, let us know if you have a published dataset of plant nucleus that can be upload into the OMERO database and if so if you would like to attend to this workshop to learn more about OMERO. We are happy to for people to attend the meeting even if you do not have

Please, fill in the following excel form that information. Thank you very much.

INDEPTH Workshop Lisbon 5th 6th September

Many thanks for your collaboration

Best and kind regards,

Ana Paula, Dimiter and Christophe