INDEPTH Interim Report: Good news!

Thursday, 20 February 2020

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INDEPTH has received its interim report from the Cost Association and it is a very positive document!

The INDEPTH project runs until November 2021 and so Action Chairman Christophe Tatout submitted an interim report at the start of 2020. We have received the Cost Association Rapporteur report and it is a very positive document!

Highlights include:

Deliverable: A review publication about “next challenges in plant microscopy”

Comment: Excellent work, properly citing the EU COST action funding this programme. Published in a good journal appropriate for this kind of work.

Deliverable: Publication of an article describing the INDEPTH COST-Action

Comment: The deliverable has been completed. A nice publication in J Cell Sci is valuable regarding the kick-off meeting of the action.

Deliverable: Functional and Implemented Website

Comment: Deliverable completed. A really nicely prepared website has been constructed with adequate information for the public.

Deliverable: A review publication about “chromatin dynamics during plant response to stress”

Comment: Deliverable completed. The coauthored publication properly cites COST action's support.

Rapporteur summary:

The action has successfully implemented all suggested tasks described in the MoU for the action. Its impact is quite high both at the scientific level and the career development of young scientists. The delay in the implementation of certain tasks will definitely benefit from the active participation of more young and enthusiastic scientists. It is noteworthy that stakeholders fro industry are actively involved in the implementation of the action. A point that needs immediate attention, since it raises a high risk in the implementation of the action, is the initiation of nuclear proteomics research approaches. Other than the last comment the whole action is properly implemented so far. 

Download Full Report here.