Introducing the INDEPTH Academy

Monday, 12 October 2020


We are generating a set of resources for INDEPTH members (and others) to use in their research and teaching.

Please allow me to provide more information about the INDEPTH Academy:


These resources will take four main forms:

- Protocol Database.
We will generate a set of articles on protocols that are relevant for INDEPTH members. I am happy to work with you to write up a detailed description of an experimental protocol. These will be freely available on the INDEPTH Academy website and will receive a DOI from the Oxford Brookes Data Repository, which will make them citable on any website or CV.

- Teaching Videos
We are generating a set of short videos that introduce topics of interest to INDEPTH members. These will be hosted on the INDEPTH Academy YouTube page as well as in the Oxford Brookes Repository. I have prepared a first example where I introduce the plant nuclear pore complex. If you have the need then please use this in your teaching:

- Instructional Videos
We will generate videos of INDEPTH members outlining important software techniques and/or available datasets. In the video below Hank Bass explains the INDEPTH Imaqe Respository, which is available to use in your teaching or research.

- Instructional Webinars
INDEPTH is able to host masterclass webinars in which we will introduce a protocol that would be of interest to other researchers. These webinar sessions would be open to ~20 virtual attendees to encourage an excellent question and answer session about the protocol. These will be recorded so offer a great opportunity to have a permanent record of this training opportunity.

Please contact Geraint Parry if you are interested in participating in any aspect of the INDEPTH Academy and we can discuss how we can make it happen with a minimum impact on your time.