Publication ANCHORed in the INDEPTH Cost Action

Friday, 12 March 2021


Exciting new preprint featuring labs that are INDEPTH participants.

This manuscript is led by Anis Meschichi and Stefanie Rosa from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Fred Pontvianne from the University de Perpignan who are all active participants of the INDEPTH Cost Action.

The preprint is entitled 'ANCHOR, a technical approach to monitor single-copy locus localization in planta'. I

In the manuscript, the authors adapt the ANCHOR system to perform real-time single-locus detection in planta. ANCHOR is a DNA-labelling tool derived from the partitioning system. We demonstrate its suitability to monitor a single-locus in planta and used this approach to track chromatin mobility during cell differentiation in Arabidopsis root epidermal cells.

Please download the preprint here: