SEB2020 Prague: 'Dynamic organization of the nucleus across kingdoms

Friday, 17 January 2020


Registration and Abstract submission is now open for our session 'Dynamic organization of the nucleus across kingdoms' at the Society for Experimental Biology Conference in Prague from the 7th -10th July 2020.

We have an international group of plenary and invited speakers and organisers (see below) and are inviting oral and poster presentations. A number of opportunities remain for papers in a Special Issue of the Journal 'Nucleus' associated with the meeting and opportunities are available for grants for young scientists to attend the meeting.

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This meeting is a great candidate for INDEPTH members to apply for Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITC) travel grants.


Organisers- David Evans, Roland Foisner, Philippe Collas, Katja Graumann

Plenary Speaker - Iris Meier, Ohio State

Invited Speakers -

  • Kentaro Tamura (University of Shizuoka, Japan) - Nuclear envelope organisation in plant development
  • Mark Field (University of Dundee, UK) - The architecture of the trypanosome nuclear envelope: Divergence, conservation and adaptation
  • Ralph Gräf (Potsdam University, Germany) - Light and stress-induced assembly of the Dictyostelium lamin
  • Eva Bártová (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) - Epigenetics of DNA repair
  • Eric Schirmer (University of Edinburgh, UK) - Nucleoplasmic signals promote directed transmembrane protein import simultaneously via multiple channels of the NPC
  • Jindřiška Fišerová (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) - TPR regulates nuclear pore distribution, nuclear shape and mechanotransduction
  • Ales Pecinka (Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) - Maintenance of nuclear organization and stability by SMC5/6 complex
  • Dariusz Plewczyński (University of Warsaw, Poland) - Three-dimensional GeNOme Modeling Engine for data-driven biophysical simulations of CTCF and RNAPII-mediated higher-order chromatin organization
  • Alwin Köhler (University of Vienna, Austria) - The role of liquid-liquid phase separation in nuclear ubiquitin signaling
  • Maria Vartiainen (University of Helsinki, Finland) - Actin' on transcription
  • Ohad Medalia (university of Zurich, Switzerland) - Cryo-electron tomography; nuclear organization
  • Dennis Discher (University of Pennsylvania, United States) - Cytoskeleton nucleus genome connections
  • Iris Meier, Ohio (State, United State) - Cell Biology Keynote lecture. Plant LINC Complex.
  • Christophe Tatout (UCA Clermont Ferrand, France) - Plant nuclear structure and chromatin organisation. The INDEPTH project
  • Katja Graumann (Oxford Brookes, United Kingdom) - The higher plant LINC complex in action.
  • Peter Schlögelhofer (Vienna) - Meiosis in Arabidopsis
  • Pavel Hozák(Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences) Nuclear phosphoinositides as regulators of nuclear processes
  • Birthe Fahrenkrog (Université Libre de Bruxelles) - Functional roles of nucleoporins

I hope you will be able to join us in Prague.

David Evans