Special Issue on Methods in Molecular Biology on Plant Meiosis

Monday, 07 October 2019

Plant Meiosis

This special issue includes plenty of articles that include members of the INDEPTH consortium.

This extensive edition of Methods in Molecular Biology has 27 different articles.

These papers feature INDEPTH members:

A Practical Guide to Live-Cell Imaging of Meiosis in Arabidopsis
Maria Ada Prusicki, Yuki Hamamura, Arp Schnittger

How to Perform an Accurate Analysis of Metaphase I Chromosome Configurations in Autopolyploids of Arabidopsis thaliana
Pablo Parra-Nunez, Mónica Pradillo, Juan Luis Santos

Using Genome In Situ Hybridization (GISH) to Distinguish the Constituent Genomes of Brassica nigraand B. rapain the Hybrid B. juncea
Zeeshan Shamim, Susan J. Armstrong

Following the Formation of Synaptonemal Complex Formation in Wheat and Barley by High-Resolution Microscopy
Benoit Darrier, Mikel Arrieta, Sybille U. Mittmann, Pierre Sourdille, Luke Ramsay, Robbie Waugh, Isabelle Colas

nduction and Characterization of Diploid Pollen Grains in Arabidopsis thaliana
Nico De Storme, Danny Geelen

A Modular Tray Growth System for Barley
Mikel Arrieta, Isabelle Colas, Malcolm Macaulay, Robbie Waugh, Luke Ramsay

Enjoy learning about plant meiosis!