STSMs Open for projects until March 31st 2020

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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The call for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) of the COST Action INDEPTH: Impact on Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plants Traits remained OPEN!

We are accepting applications for projects linked to INDEPTH activities that can be completed by 31st March 2020. These are a superb opportunity to learn new techniques to enhance your future research, supported by the INDEPTH COST Action.

Free Training (essentially Money), who doesn’t like that!!!!

Application details are below

Short Term Scientific Missions
  • Are exchange visits between researchers (PhD student, postdoc or permanent staff) from a COST member country involved in INDEPTH, allowing scientists from the home institution to visit an host institution from another COST member country;
  • aimed at fostering collaboration, sharing new techniques and infrastructure that may not be available in other participants’ institutions;
  • are of minimum of 5 calendar days and a maximum of 90 calendar days;
  • should support the Action in achieving at least one its specific objectives listed below:
  1. Generate standardized protocols in 3D imaging of the nucleus (WG1), nuclear proteomics (WG2), chromatin domains (WG2), phenotyping during development & under stress conditions (WG3);
  2. Collect plant data sets in 3D imaging of the nucleus (WG1), nuclear proteomics (WG2), chromatin domains (WG2), phenotyping during development & under stress conditions (WG3);
  3. Perform analyses using the collected datasets to predict the nuclear protein interactome (WG4);
  4. Create new application tools such as new softwares (WG1, WG4), new bioinformatic pipelines to predict Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI) (WG4) and periodicity and distribution patterns (WG4);
  5. Promote synergies between model and cultivated plant species; foster the transfer of knowledge between model and cultivated species and creation of intellectual property in image analysis.

Full Information about applying for STSM can be downloaded here.

How to apply for a STSM 
1-To apply, please register at e-COST and complete the online application form at This is required to get reimbursed after completion of the STSM.

In case of problems with registering, contact the STSM Coordinator (Laszlo KOZMA-BOGNAR,

2- send the following documents to the STSM Coordinator and to the Chair (Christophe TATOUT,

- written agreement of the host institution

- letter of support from the home institution (written agreement from the supervisor or group leader)

> supporting documents: 

            -  CV of max. 2 pages, 

            -  scientific work plan of max. 2 pages [max. 4 pages for long ECI-STSM], 

            -  list of publications, 

            -  covering letter (indicating the specific objective to which the proposed 
STSM is related), 

            -  cost estimate for travel and subsistence. 

 Please consult the COST Vademecum for more details on eligibility for application and the reimbursement rules. Please note that this is travel grant scheme and does not provide financial support for any aspects of research work (purchasing reagents, hiring equipments).

Please be aware that you need to provide a written scientific report within 4 weeks after return from the STSM in order to get reimbursed. However, you are not required to send your travel documents, tickets, receipts.