Training School on IMARIS-based 3D Image Processing

Wednesday, 04 March 2020


In this training school you will learn how to use the Imaris software (Bitplane AG, Switzerland) to analyse and quantify structures of the cell’s nucleus in 3D: chromatin, nuclear bodies, components of the nuclear envelope, nuclear factors and complexes, genomic regions … tagged by fluorescent proteins, immunostaining, FISH signals…

Specifically you will learn

  • 3D volume rendering, slicing, combined multi-axis projections
  • 3D segmentation of nuclear signals 
  • Quantification of signals, size and shape, spatial distribution 

When and where: June 8th-12th, Department of Plant and Molecular Biology, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Full Program will be available here soon.

Please register before April 1st 2020

Full details are here: