• INDEPTH Protocols

    Please find below a list of protocols that have relevance to researchers working on topics related to those that are the focus of the INDEPTH network.

  • An important Objective of this COST Action is to provide access to protocols that have relevance to INDEPTH researchers.

    > These protocols have been written by experts from within INDEPTH. This means that they have been actually tested and used in the lab by real experts!

    > These protocols have either featured within INDEPTH Training Schools or have been published as Methods papers within peer-reviewed journals.

    Detailed protocols developed as part of the INDEPTH Academy 

    Hi_C-Image   Protocol for Hi-C Chromosome Confirmation Capture. This method is adapted from research in the labs of

    Chang Liu and Silin Zhong. 

    smFISh_Image   Protocol for Single Molecular Fluorescent In Situ Hybridisation. This method is adapted from research in Stefanie Rosa's lab and provides instructions for this powerful technique for analysis of gene expression

    5_Image   Protocol for Localising Total mRNA in Plant Cells . This method is adapted by Geraint Parry for a selection of published methodologies.

    FANS_ImageProtocol for Fluorescence Activated Nuclear Sorting (FANS) for RNA extraction, DNA extraction or Chromatin Immunoprecipitation. This method is adapted from protocols developed in Ortrun  Mittelsten Scheid's lab. 

    Protocols taken from INDEPTH Training Schools


    2_Image RNA smFiSH

    3_Image Whole Mount 3D DNA FisH

    4_Image Acrylamide 3D DNA FiSH

    6_Image Introduction to Flow Cytometry

    7_Image nanoLC-MALDI MS

    Guide to Eramus+

  • Joining the INDEPTH COST Action

    If you are interested in joining Action please contact the INDEPTH Chairman stating why the research program of your lab would enhance the overall activity of the Action.

    Christophe Tatout