What our students say

  • Dachle Silvano Pereira

    Dachle Silvano Pereira: BA (Hons) Architecture

    “I feel like the environment is really good and everyone is really welcoming which I feel wouldn’t be the case if you studied somewhere else in London for example.”

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    Kritika Gumber

    Kritika Gumber: MArch Architecture

    “All of my tutors have been really supportive and they have given their time to us to share anything with us!”

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    Sarang Sreemandiram

    Sarang Sreemandiram: MSc Motorsport Engineering

    “As an international student and studying at a university like this where there are different students from different countries like Mexico, Spain, US, India or UK, it's a great thing! You get to know different cultures, the way they are living, their living environment, which country they are from, get to know new mindsets, it is a great experience!”

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    Shirish Potu: MSc Motorsport Engineering

    Shirish Potu from India talks about studying at Oxford Brookes University and the amazing facilities available for each engineering student.

    Yash Narang: BSc International Hospitality Management

    Yash talks about the variety of modules and the amazing work placement opportunities available on the BSc International Hospitality Management course.

    Priyanshu Bhateja: BEng Automotive Engineering

    Priyanshu talks the services and the support he has received at Oxford Brookes University.

    Sameer Goel: MSc Business Management

    Sameer talks about his experience studying MSc Business Management at Oxford Brookes University Business School.

    Dechen Bhuita

    Dechen Bhutia: MA International Architectural Regeneration and Development

    “The teachers are really good. You can have a debate on the topic they’re teaching. Back in India there is a huge gap between teacher and student, but here I find all the teachers are really like friends, you can discuss anything with them.”

    Chaitali Basu

    Chaitali Basu: Msc (Hons) Business Management

    “I had some colleagues in my office who recommended Brookes and three friends of mine had graduated from Brookes. I selected this course because it offered an entrepreneurship option on setting up new businesses. I couldn't find this option on any other course. I also joined the student Entrepreneur’s Society, which is very good too. I love the city. I have an undergraduate architecture degree, so I love the city architecture. It’s very organised, very clean and very well maintained.”

    Prerana Karnawat

    Prerana Karnawat: BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

    “I was really amazed by the fact that in just 13 weeks, a semester, you can learn so much. Each semester adds so much more to your experience and personality.I never imagined I would learn so many things in architecture just in such a short time.”

    Sameer Goel

    Sameer Goel: MSc (Hons) Business Management

    “I specifically chose Oxford because it’s a student city – small, nice and people are warm. It’s close enough to London if you feel like you want to go to another city. So the best place to be!”

    Sarang Puri

    Sarang Puri: Msc (Hons) Trade and Logistics

    “I chose this course, the Masters in Trade and Logistics because it has been accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). It has got its reputation back in India so it would be really beneficial for me to take this course and go back to India – the employability rate would be outstanding.”