Accept your offer

  • Accept your offer

    Accept your offer

    In order to move to the next stage in enrolling at Oxford Brookes University you will need to officially accept your offer. The process of accepting your offer will be different depending on whether you have applied through UCAS or directly to Oxford Brookes University.

  • If you have applied through UCAS all information relating to your offer will be sent to you through UCAS. You can access this by logging onto the UCAS website.

    Once you have received decisions from all your university choices, you need to choose:

    • a firm (preferred) choice of university and
    • an insurance (second) choice, in case you don’t achieve the grades that your firm choice has asked for.

    All your other offers will then be declined.


    If you do not accept an offer before the UCAS deadlines, all your offers will be declined automatically by UCAS. The deadline will depend on when you applied and will be shown when you log in to the UCAS website.

    Find out more..

    For more information about accepting your offer please visit the UCAS website.

    If you have applied directly to Oxford Brookes, all information about your offer will be sent to you by the university's admissions team. You will receive an email giving you a deadline to accept your offer and a link to do so.

    To reply to your offer and accept your place at Oxford Brookes University you will need to click on the link in your offer email and accept the offer online by the deadline given.

    Please note, unlike applications through UCAS, direct offers from Oxford Brookes do not give the option of firm or insurance choice.

  • When we receive your acceptance we will refer you to our Preparation and Arrival guide and send you a password that allows you to apply online for accommodation.  This usually happens after April.

    Please note that your acceptance of a place at the university will be subject to your acceptance of the conditions set out in the university’s prospectus. You must therefore read these terms and conditions before accepting any offer.