Dana Wentworth

  • danawentworthUniversity Teacher

    Email: dwentworth-coles@brookes.ac.uk
    Tel: +44 (0)1865 483463

    BA in Russian, Middleburg College, Vermont USA
    MA in Creative Writing, Antioch College Ohio USA

  • I have worked at Brookes since 1996 and have taught all aspects of EAP, ESP and on the International Foundation programmes, in what is now OBI. I also taught on the International Summer School for many years. In addition, since 2009, I have taught in the Modern Languages department, mainly French Translation Skills but also English for Academics, and other courses. Currently I have a permanent post as a University Teacher and I work on the Foundation programmes with the International Foundation programme team.
    Since 2009, I have taught the Literature and Arts in Context module and now have the role of module leader. I am also the module leader of Intercultural Communication. From January 2015, I have been working on the course development of the new BA in Applied Languages which will be taught jointly with the Modern Languages department.
    My specific research interests are translation practice and theory, etymology, vocabulary development (for academic purposes), sociolinguistics and intercultural communication.
    I spoke to Perm University lecturers in September 2013 on the use of IELTS preparation materials with Russian university students, focusing particularly on ESP.
    Since 2010, I have been involved in Erasmus exchanges with IUT2, a part of the University of Grenoble. I have taught there on three different occasions and organised for French teachers to teach at Brookes on short exchanges. At present I am setting up a link with Perm University in Russia and look forward to communicating electronically but also through staff visits with the Linguistic and Philology departments in Perm. I am developing  three-way electronic links between Grenoble and Perm Universities and Brookes, involving the use of both French and English.
    Russian and French