Juliet Henderson

  • jhendersonUniversity Teacher 

    Email: jhenderson@brookes.ac.uk
    Tel: +44 (0)1865 488476

    BA Hons. in English Literature and History, Oxford Brookes University
    MA Intercultural Communication, Bedford 
    PhD (in progress), UCL Institute of Education

  • I have worked at Brookes since 2000. I work half my time in Oxford Brookes International, teaching on the Foundation and University English courses, and half my time in the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion, teaching undergraduate courses for two programmes: Communication, Media and Culture and English Language and Communication.

    After completing a BA in English Literature and History, I moved to Paris where I lived for 15 years. Whilst there, I worked for the French Department of Education. On my return to England, I studied for an MA in Intercultural Communication under Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey.

    In 2010 I enrolled as a research student at the Institute of Education, London. My research is into the hidden dimensions of student writing made invisible my normative assessment approaches. I have achieved my MPhil upgrade and am working towards completion.

    Research interests

    • English as a medium for global development processes
    • critiques of intercultural communication theory
    • social, discursive and cultural drivers of educational change in local universities
    • student writing
    • ethnography and analyses of local language practices in a globalising world
    Foundation Media Studies
    Intercultural Communication in Context
    Research IV
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    Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)
    Fluent French