Peter Saunders

  • psaundersAssociate Lecturer


    Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy
    PGDipLATHE, Oxford University
    MA in Educational Technology & TESOL, Manchester University (Distinction)
    RSA Dip TEFLA, International House Rome
    BSc in Economics and Politics, Bath University

  • When I look back at my past career, I feel very old because I realise that I have been teaching English to international students since well before most of my current students were born. My background is in TEFL, and I spent over 10 years teaching English at the British Council centres in Japan, Ecuador, Germany, Russia, China, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Thailand – every time I got bored I moved to a new country!
    In addition to my part-time position at the International Centre, I work as a teacher trainer on intensive courses in China for the British Council, and I do English language proficiency examining work in Italy and Spain.
    Corpus linguistics and educational technology.
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