Santander scholarships and awards

  • Oxford Brookes University was one of the first UK universities to join the Santander Universities global network. The partnership provides Brookes students and staff with numerous benefits and opportunities which have supported international mobility, research, sport, community projects, exchanges and scholarships.

    The University is pleased to be a part of the international Santander Universities network, which specialises in financing and supporting students undertaking educational, employment and enterprise opportunities. 

    Each year, our Santander schemes benefit over 50 Brookes students and we are looking for more innovative ideas every year.

    For more information, please explore our Santander schemes below.

    To find out more about Santander's work with universities and what they can do to help you, please visit their website

  • Brookes Racing Team with Santander at the 2016 Awards Ceremony

    • Santander scholarships and awards - Presentation

  • Testimonials

    'Nutribake' (Bread for Life!) is the name of a bread baking co-operative that will operate within the shanty district on the outskirts of Huanchaco, in northern Peru. This cooperative will employ women bakers and supply nutritious fortified flour loaves and rolls to help feed poor local families.This Award will mean that by September 2016, Nutribake will be underway, producing 1,200 rolls per week, to be sold at reasonable prices by vendors riding pannier bicycles around local streets. Juany Murphy, recipient of a Santander Social Entrepreneurship Award