Working in the UK

  • Working while studying

    If you are from the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland you can usually work in the UK without any restrictions. Find out more on the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

    Non-EEA students on the following courses can normally work up to 20 hours per week during semester time and full-time during vacations:

    • undergraduate/bachelors degree courses
    • pre-master's courses
    • master's courses

    Non-EEA students on the following courses can normally work up to 10 hours per week during semester time and full-time during vacations.

    • foundation courses
    • pre-sessional University English courses

    You can see more information on the International Student Advice Team (ISAT) website. The immigration regulations also allow students from outside the EEA to take a work placement if it is part of a sandwich course.

    Working after you finish studying

    Students are allowed to work full time from the time they finish studying to the end of their visa. If you wish to stay in the UK to work at the end of your tier 4 visa, you would need to apply for another type of visa, for example, tier 2, tier 5, tier 1 graduate entrepreneur (GE). The International Student Advice work options pages give full information about this.

    You can also find out more on the UK Government or UKCISA  websites.

    Graduate Entrepreneur Visa scheme

    This scheme is aimed at international students who are graduating from Oxford Brookes and who have an innovative business proposal that they would like to develop in the UK.

    This scheme enables you to apply for a visa initially for 12 months to develop your business idea.

    Find out more about the Oxford Brookes Graduate Entrepreneur Visa scheme

    Job advice

    The Brookes Careers and Employment Centre can provide you with general information about jobs and offer advice on work related issues.

    Find out more...

    International Student Advice Team

    The university's specialist team can advise you on finance, immigration and cultural issues.