• Finance and fees
  • A degree from Oxford Brookes is a great investment in yourself and your future.

    During your studies at Oxford Brookes you will need to pay tuition fees for your course and cover the costs of accommodation, your living expenses, and your travel costs. This will vary depending on your course and your lifestyle.

    • Tuition fees

      Full details about the cost of your course.

    • Living costs

      Find out more about prices in the UK and how much money you will need for your first few weeks.

    • Scholarships and bursaries

      You may be able to cover some of your costs by applying for scholarships and bursaries.

    • Working in the UK

      You may be able to work in the UK while you are studying.

    Find out more...

    Preparation and Arrival guide

    Detailed information on costs, including accommodation, insurance and expenses during your first few weeks.