Academic study

  • Our flexible undergraduate programme enables you to customise your study so that it meets the academic requirements of your home university degree. You can choose from a wide range of subjects.

  • I had an amazing time in Oxford and as an Erasmus Student at Oxford Brookes. The city is a great combination of tradition and innovation. My courses were extremely interesting in small groups with motivated people and inspiring lectures. There was a great balance between theoretical lectures and practical applied courses.

    Stefan, Exchange student from Germany
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  • There are a range of subject areas available at Oxford Brookes. You can usually include more than one subject in your programme.

    • Architecture and Built Environment (including Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Construction Project Management, Interior Architecture, Planning and Property Development, Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management, and Real Estate Management)
    • Arts (including Film, Fine Art and Music)
    • Biological, Medical and Environmental Sciences (including Animal Biology and Conservation, Environmental Sciences, Human Biology and Medical Science)
    • Business and Management (including Accounting and Finance, Business Management, Economics, Event Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management)
    • Computing, Computer Networking and Digital Media (including Audio Engineering and Music Production, Computer Games and Animation, Computer Science, Computing for Robotic Systems, Digital Media Production, Information Technology Management for Business, Network Computing, Software Development for Business)
    • Education, Early Years and Teacher Training
    • English Language (Information about our English language and Pathway courses)
    • Health and Social Care (including Adult and Mental Health Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Social Work)
    • Humanities (including Drama, English Literature, History, History of Art, Law and Philosophy)
    • Languages (including Applied Languages, French Studies, German, Japanese Studies, Mandarin and Spanish)
    • Mechanical Engineering, Motorsports and Mathematical Sciences
    • Publishing and Communications (including Communication, Media and Culture, English Language and Publishing Media)
    • Social Sciences (including Anthropology, Geography, International Relations, Politics, Psychology, Sociology)
    • Sport, Exercise and Nutrition

    What are modules?

    Courses at Oxford Brookes are made up of modules - self-contained classes that are taught and assessed independently of each other.
    A single undergraduate module (7.5 ECTS) will involve approximately 150 study hours in total, which includes attending lectures and seminars, as well as independent study and assessment. Some modules are double and involve approximately 300 study hours.
    A single postgraduate module (10ECTS) will involve approximately 200 study hours in total, which includes attending lectures and seminars, as well as independent study and assessment. Postgraduate modules vary in size and the study hours are determined by the size of module.


    Our academic year is split into 2 semesters starting in September and January. Each semester consists of a 12-week teaching period followed by examinations. See our semester calendar for details.

    Undergraduate students

    You will need to take the equivalent of 4 single modules per semester. You can add a 5th module if it is a language module (Academic English, Spanish, French etc).

    Postgraduate students

    You will need to take the equivalent of 30ECTS per semester. You can add an additional module if it is a language module (Academic English, Spanish, French etc).

    Important Information

    In order to have full-time study status, you must have a minimum of 30 ECTS per semester on your programme.

    • Once you have selected 3 modules from the subject area specified in the exchange agreement between Oxford Brookes and your home university, you may choose the 4th module from another subject area.
    • Our advice to incoming study abroad students is to select 3 out of 4 modules per semester from their major subject area.

    Important Information

    • You should ensure that there are no timetable clashes between the modules you have selected.
    • You must be able to meet any prerequisites specified on the module description. You will be asked to provide evidence of this as part of your application form.
    • There is only a limited opportunity to make changes to your programme of study once you have arrived at Oxford Brookes, so your initial module selection must be made very carefully.
    • Once you have received your offer letter from Oxford Brookes any changes to your programme should be an exception and only for specific reasons (for example, you have already covered the content of certain modules).

    Undergraduate students

    Postgraduate students

    All credits gained at Oxford Brookes are transferable to your degree as agreed with your home institution.

    Credit equivalences

    Credits at Oxford Brookes are awarded for each module in the UK Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS). The chart below shows the equivalent in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

    Please check the credit requirements for your degree programme with your own university.

    Oxford Brookes modules CATS credits ECTS credits
    1 single undergraduate module 15 7.5
    1 double undergraduate module 30 15
    1 single postgraduate module 20 10
    1 double postgraduate module 40 20
    1 semester workload 60 30
    2 semesters workload 120 60

    If your first language is not English there is a range of language support classes available to help you develop the English language skills you need to succeed in your studies. This includes:

    • Credit-bearing academic English modules that you can include as part of your study programme.
    • Non credit-bearing classes focusing on particular academic tasks.