How to apply

  • You may be able to apply for Erasmus+ funding to support a work placement in Europe subject to the following conditions:

    • A placement requirement/option forms part of your programme of study
    • The placement will attract some form of academic recognition once completed

    The following websites may provide useful information and work placement opportunities:

    Any queries should be sent to:


  • Your placement will need to be approved, so you should seek guidance from your Subject Coordinator in the first instance, or for the subject areas below, please talk to the individual listed.

    Faculty contacts:

    • Business and Hospitality: Heather Woodruff, Placement and Partnerships Manager 
    • Humanities and Social Sciences: Placement and Partnerships Manager
    • Languages: Barbara Giraud (France)/Esteban Devis-Amaya (Spain)
    • Health and Life Sciences: placements are open to students in the following areas:
    • Technology, Design and Environment: Andy King, Partnership and Placements Manager

    Make sure you read the steps below before completing your application.

    3.1 Log in using your Brookes email and password.
    3.2 Fill out the registration form.
    3.3 Check your email inbox, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to complete your application.

    Please note that your application will not be considered complete until you have finished all of the required steps.

    You should attend a pre-departure briefing session before undertaking your work placement as follows:

    • Language students should consult the briefings timetable provided by your Partnerships and Placements office
    • Oxford School of Hospitality Management students will be notified of a briefing date by the Partnerships and Placements Administrator
    • Adult Nursing students and Physiotherapy students will be notified of briefing arrangements by the Exchanges team 
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