How to apply

  • You may be able to apply for Erasmus+ funding to support a work placement in Europe subject to the following conditions:

    • A placement requirement/option forms part of your programme of study
    • The placement will attract some form of academic recognition once completed

    The following websites may provide useful information and work placement opportunities:

    Any queries should be sent to:

    Erasmus+ Manager



  • Your placement will need to be approved by your Subject Coordinator, so you should inform them as soon as possible if you are intending to work in Europe under the Erasmus+ programme to: Your placement will need to be approved, so you should seek guidance from  your Subject Coordinator in the first instance, or for the subject areas below, please talk to the individual listed.

    Faculty contacts:

    • Business: Heather Woodruff, Placement and Partnerships Manager
      Oxford School of Hospitality Management students should contact Loraine Hackett.
    • Humanities and Social Sciences:  Placement and Partnerships Manager
      • Languages: Barbara Giraud (France)/Esteban Devis-Amaya (Spain)
    • Health and Life Sciences: placements are open to students in the following areas:
    • Technology, Design and Environment: Andy King, Partnership and Placements Manager

    Make sure you read the steps below before completing your application.

    3.1 Log in using your Brookes email and password.
    3.2 Fill out the registration form.
    3.3 Check your email inbox, you will receive a confirmation email with the link to complete your application.

    Please note that your application will not be considered complete until you have finished all of the required steps.

    What if I don't get the GPA?! please click here and read question 10.


     You should upload the following documents as part of your application:

    • A faculty approval form should be signed by the the relevant faculty contact listed above, or for subjects not included, by your Subject Coordinator(s) for your subject area(s) prior to submission of your application.
    • A personal statement providing additional information to support your application including reasons for undertaking an exchange/work placement, a brief overview of why you have selected your chosen destination and academic institution/employer, plus any other information you feel might enhance your application (300 words approx.)
    • A copy of your PIP page (the condensed version for print purposes) showing your average by the deadline below. You need to wait until your results from Semester 1 of this academic year are visible on your PIP. It is a condition of applying for the exchange programme that you have a GPA of 2.5 or more and have successfully completed all required modules before applying.

    Before you start your work placement the following documentation must be in place. Please note that you are responsible for ensuring the documentation has ALL the specified signatures, which must be handwritten/electronic. Please see the table below, which specifies who in the faculty to should sign your documentation and who it should be submitted to once it has been fully completed. Documentation can be scanned and emailed.

    Study Area    Faculty signatories    Completed documents (fully signed) should be sent to     
    Training Agreement Tripartite Agreement  
    Adult Nursing Jon Revis Jon Revis  Erasmus+ Manager  
    Physiotherapy  Tim Ainslie Ian Scott Erasmus+ Manager  
    Hospitality Loraine Hackett Loraine Hackett Maureen Jones  
    Languages Barbara Giraud / Esteban Devis-Amaya Giulietta Bianchini / Debbie Thomas Giulietta Bianchini / Debbie Thomas  
    Business Heather Woodruff Heather Woodruff Heather Woodruff  


    • Your  Training Agreement
      Please complete Section 1 before the mobility. 
    • Student Grant Agreement 
      This agreement between you and Oxford Brookes University specifies the terms and conditions of Erasmus+ programme.  It will be sent to you prior to departure and must be signed and returned to the Oxford Brookes Exchanges Office before you go on exchange. Electronic signatures may be used.
    • Tripartite Agreement (non language students)
      This is an agreement that outlines roles and responsibilities and is made between you, your employer and the University. It must be completed and signed by all parties before the commencement of your placement.
    • Work Placement Agreement + Translation (Language students) 
      Please refer to your Moodle page for this document.
    • Copy of your passport


    You should attend a pre-departure briefing session before undertaking your work placement as follows:

    • Language students should consult the briefings timetable provided by your Partnerships and Placements office
    • Oxford School of Hospitality Management students will be notified of a briefing date by the Partnerships and Placements Administrator
    • Adult Nursing students and Physiotherapy students will be notified of briefing arrangements by the Exchanges team 
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