Language courses

  • Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (ELIC) are specialised courses in the less widely used and less taught languages of the countries participating in the programme which serve to prepare students for their Erasmus period abroad.

    An EILC grant is intended to offset the additional costs of taking part in an EILC before the student has commenced their Erasmus mobility period. If the EILC course is run at the same time as the Erasmus period, the grant is not available; however there may be circumstances when a supplementary EILC grant may be approved, such as when there are extra costs involved in participating in an EILC.

    Erasmus students should not be charged a fee for participation in an EILC. However, fees may be charged for excursions or other services for which Erasmus students are normally asked to pay.


    Only course places for students who have been selected for an Erasmus period in the host country, may be funded by community funds in support of EILCs.

    The normal expectation is that the EILC will be in the country in which the Erasmus period will take place. A list of participating countries can be found on the EILC website

    Courses are held at beginner and/or intermediate level. Students whose main subject of study is the language of the organising country are normally not eligible for participation.

    If a student fails to undertake their planned Erasmus period there may be grounds to request partial or full reimbursement of the EILC grant.


    Courses will be held between July and September and, in some cases, in January or February.

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