After your exchange

  • These reports are a compulsory part of your exchange and will provide the Exchanges Office and your faculty with valuable information which will benefit future students and contribute to the continual improvement of the programme. This information will be used by the Exchanges Office and the relevant academics in your faculty.
    You will automatically be sent a request to complete a web-based questionnaire once your exchange has finished. Payment of the final 20% of your Erasmus funding is dependent upon receipt of notification that you have completed the questionnaire.

    You will automatically be sent a request to complete a web-based questionnaire. 

    Note: To receive credits for your exchange you must complete this individual feedback form. Your academic transcript will be forwarded to the academic department at Brookes once you have completed this.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your transcript from your host institution showing the marks obtained whilst on exchange. A copy of the transcript must be sent/brought to the Exchanges Office at Oxford Brookes. This is essential for the transfer of your credits.

    More information on credit transfer

    Please ensure you arrange for suitable accommodation for your return to Oxford whether in halls or in private housing.

    Returners need to attend a debrief session we organise in liaison with the faculties.
    If you are a Language student (YAB), you will receive information about these sessions from your academic department.
    All other students will get an invitation directly from the Exchanges Office. Please note, that you have to attend one of the sessions in order to complete your exchange.

    Now that you have returned from a remarkable learning experience abroad, you will find yourself facing cultural and academic adjustment to life back at Brookes.

    After returning home, you are likely to experience some possibly surprising reactions that are part of what is known as “reverse culture shock” or “re-entry shock”. In the first few weeks back, you might suffer from jet lag and general exhaustion from lots of changes. You might feel tired because of various “welcome back” parties and trying to do and see everything and everyone at once.

    Reverse culture shock will subside. You will come to terms with your “new” old culture and home university, incorporating the fact that you have become a member of another culture and university as well. You can benefit of these true biculturalism skills, and from the ability to move from one cultural practice to another.

    The staff in the Exchanges Office and in your Faculty are here to help you adjust to being back at Brookes and in the UK. Try some of the following to help with reverse culture shock and to get involved:

    1. Remember to attend the debrief meetings where you will meet other returners and can share your experiences with them
    2. Join the Global Buddies scheme to welcome new incoming exchange and study abroad students at Brookes
    3. Join the Exchanges Society ESN at Brookes Union. ESN is run by returning exchange students. At their events you can meet incoming exchange/study abroad students, first year students planning to go abroad - and of course other returners, too!
    4. Help the Exchanges Office to spread the word! We organise info events, lecture visits and Hot Desks throughout the year. We look forward to working with you on advising and motivating new students to study or work abroad as part of their Brookes degree. We will send you invites to various events via email.
  • Exchange was the best experience of my life. I had the opportunity to live in an amazing city and meet people that became my second family. It was heartbreaking to leave and if I could, I’d have stayed for a lot longer. Not a day goes by without me thinking of how incredible my life was on the other side of the world.

    Federica, Exchange student in Hong Kong
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