Other international opportunities

  • A range of opportunities are available to give you a wider international experience as part of your studies. Please find a list below.

  • From the friendly and caring culture to the diverse range of food I loved every second I spent in China and will never forget my time spent there.

    Brookes LLB Law student took part in Study China
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  • The Study China Programme offers students a unique opportunity to experience Chinese life, culture, language and business. The programme is managed by The University of Manchester and funded by the Government's Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

    This distinctive programme offers the opportunity to interact with Chinese students, academic staff, local families and businesses, providing profound access to this fascinating country. Throughout the programme you will be immersed in a vibrant campus environment at a leading Chinese University, ensuring that your Study China experience is truly unforgettable!

    Please note, that if the programme dates collide with Oxford Brookes semester dates, you will need to contact your academic adviser to discuss if you can apply for the programme and are allowed to miss some days of teaching.
    Please visit the Study China website for application deadlines and information on the application process. You need to apply directly to the programme via Study China website.

    Should you get accepted, please contact Oxford Brookes International.

    Taking part in a BUNAC overseas work/volunteer programme gives you the chance to live and work in a new and exciting country and do something really worthwhile with your time off from work or studies.

    Programmes last from as little as five weeks to as long as two whole years. Participants can take part in a BUNAC programme as part of their summer vacation, during a gap year, after graduation or as a career break.

    For more information about various programmes, costs and application process visit the BUNAC website

    Academic scholarships offered through Generation UK are for periods of non-degree study ranging from a single semester to a full academic year at mainland Chinese universities.
    Applicants for all Generation UK academic scholarships must be:

    • A British passport holder (for NI domiciled only, British or Irish passport holder)
    • A student enrolled at a UK higher education institution or a recent graduate (applying within one year of your graduation date)
    • Aged 18 or above

    All Generation UK academic scholarships cover: Tuition fees (in China), accommodation, monthly living stipend and medical insurance.

    For more information, please visit the Generation UK webpage.
    If you are chosen to be part of this programme, please inform the Oxford Brookes Exchanges and Study Abroad Office.

    Employers today value international experience. So why not get ahead in your career and stand out from the crowd with a Generation UK-India placement.
    These opportunities give you experiences that are not available to tourists or travellers. They involve you in the real India, giving you the opportunity to understand one of the fastest growing economies in the world. You will also make connections that will last a lifetime.

    Enhance your employability through two week immersion placements. Apply for one of 400 funded placements supported by UKIERI and delivered by IndoGenius.

    For more information about the programme, fees and application deadlines, please visit the programme website.

    If you are chosen to be part of this programme, please inform the Oxford Brookes Exchanges and Study Abroad Office.
    An Erasmus+ Joint Master Degree will help you expand your knowledge of the world, while completing your education and enhancing your understanding of your chosen subject specialism.

    A Joint Master Degree (JMD) is your chance to really take your education to the highest level, and thanks to Erasmus+ you can finish your studies and get to travel at the same time. Set up on 1 January 2014, Erasmus+ offers an internationally recognised Joint Master Degree in countries across the world.

    For more information, please visit the British Council website

    Omprakash EdGE offers students a unique opportunity for professional development, personal growth, and immersive experiential learning within the Omprakash network of grassroots health, education, and environmental projects in over 30 countries. EdGE supplements traditional field placements in an international network with a 12-week pre-departure curriculum, personalised guidance and support, and a capstone project. By training and supporting students throughout their engagement with the international network, EdGE helps them become more inspired and critically informed agents of social change.

    See their video for Oxford Brookes students on the right of this webpage or view their YouTube channel.

    For more information, please visit the Omprakash EdGE website.

    You might be able to apply for extra funding through our Santander Student Project Grant Scheme. To check your eligibility, please contact santander@brookes.ac.uk

    Do you see why development issues matter in Africa, Asia and Latin America? Do you see why exploring local communities can be more exciting than visiting tourist hotspots? Do you see why volunteering overseas can build skills which can assist you in your future career?

    ICYE-UK is a registered charity and is part of an international federation of exchange NGOs that place volunteers on social, community and environmental projects worldwide for between 3 weeks and 12 months. Our placements enable individuals to live and volunteer in another country, learn a new language, gain a true insight into another culture, and a better understanding of their own and other people’s lives. ICYE-UK also provides voluntary placements with local charities in the UK for individuals from all over the world.

    Volunteering with ICYE is a fantastic opportunity for a placement year, after graduation or as a career break.

    To find out more about the projects, support and training, please visit the ICYE-UK website.

    You might be able to apply for extra funding through our Santander Student Project Grant Scheme. To check your eligibility, please contact santander@brookes.ac.uk

    There’s something about the word ‘volunteer’ that seems to scare off so many people. Even though it’s for a worthwhile cause, can help local communities across the world, and give you invaluable experience you can add to your CV, it doesn’t seem fair that it should come at a cost to you.
    Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to. Erasmus+ helps cover the costs of your travel, accommodation, meals and insurance and even a bit extra to cover daily expenses! Please find more information here  and contact Oxford Brookes Erasmus+ team if you have any questions.

    If you are in your second to final year of university or have recently graduated this could be the programme for you. You can choose from various countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America or North America.

    English Language Assistants support the teaching of English in a school or university overseas. You will be paid for your work, however there may be some initial cost for visas and work permits. The financial requirements will vary depending on which country you wish to work in.

    The experience will stay with you for a lifetime, giving you the confidence and skills to stand out from the crowd and compete in a global job market. It may even spark a long-term passion for teaching.
    Information including deadlines is updated regularly on the British Council website.
    If you are chosen to be part of this programme, please inform the Oxford Brookes Exchanges and Study Abroad Office.
    If you would join the scheme as part of your French or Spanish language degree studies here at Brookes, you might be eligible for Erasmus funding.
    For other students or for language students joining the scheme in schools outside of Europe, you might be able to apply for extra funding through Oxford Brookes Santander Student Project Grant Scheme.  To check your eligibility, please contact santander@brookes.ac.uk
    The São Paulo State University (UNESP) is giving English language students in the UK the chance to study there for between four and ten months. They'll even help cover the costs of your flights and accommodation. The course is full-time and split into two semesters (March to July, and August to December) at one of the university’s 24 campuses within Sao Paulo state. You’ll get to work closely with one of their leading academics, teaching, training, researching, studying and, most importantly, gaining valuable experience for your future career. You might be able to apply for extra funding through Oxford Brookes Santander Student Project Grant Scheme.  To check your eligibility, please contact santander@brookes.ac.uk

    Interested? Then find out more here.
    Should you get accepted, please contact Oxford Brookes International.
    What are you doing this summer? Getting a job? Travelling? Doing work experience to enhance your CV? With a paid industry placement organised by IAESTE, you could be doing all three, getting a foot in the door and a head start on your career. 

    Although it was founded by only a handful of European countries, IAESTE has grown massively and now has partnerships with 86 countries around the world. What you are studying will dictate the exact opportunities that are available to you, but with contacts everywhere from Bolivia to Belgium, Tanzania to Thailand, you’re bound to find something to suit you. Internships can last between 6 weeks and a whole year, depending on your personal circumstances and where you’re going. 

     You will be paid, but you’ll also have to factor in some of your own money.

    IAESTE will generally make sure you receive enough money to cover food, accommodation and local travel, although the precise amount varies from country to country.

    You will have to cover your own travel to the country of your choice, plus any insurances and visas. Most sending countries also require you to pay a placement fee, which is determined by the individual members and co-operating institutions.

    You are only required to speak good English, but any foreign languages will help your application

    The current deadline is September 2016, but each individual country has its own application process, so it’s worth visiting the official British Council IAESTE website for more details.

    Should you get accepted, please contact Oxford Brookes International.
    Thailand is much loved across the world for its historic temples and palaces, its vibrant culture, its amazing food and, of course, its beautiful islands and beaches. But Thailand is much more than a great tourist destination.

    The Thailand English Teaching Programme (TET) offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the real Thailand, work in a Thai school as an English Teaching Assistant and become an integral part of life in a Thai town or village. Over 500 students from more than 40 UK universities have taken part in the programme so far, and this is your chance to join them.

    Please find more information here.
    If you get chosen, please contact Oxford Brookes International
    The majority of Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme participants work as Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs), assisting with English teaching in schools across Japan. As an ALT your role will be to assist Japanese Teachers of English rather than lead classes on your own.

    English teaching in Japan has traditionally focused more on reading and writing skills than on oral communication. Even at Senior High School level, students’ spoken English is generally quite basic.

    As an ALT, you will play a key role in promoting communicative training in the classroom. Contact with an ALT also provides your students with a valuable chance to become familiar with another culture.

    Please find more information here.
    If you get chosen, please contact Oxford Brookes International