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  • Why live in our halls?

    Meet new friends and select your accommodation to suit your lifestyle, budget and course. Halls are a great way to be part of university life, living with fellow Oxford Brookes students in a comfortable and convenient place, usually near your place of study. Our halls provide a safe and secure environment: they all have supervisors and wardens to help make your stay trouble-free.

    1. What are your hall options?

    We have a great range of halls for you to choose from, in a number of different locations on our campuses or close-by.


    Most of our halls are self-catered. You share a kitchen and living room with a small number of fellow students and cook for yourself.

    You have your own study bedroom, usually with a private en suite shower room containing a shower, basin and wc.


    In our catered hall you will be provided with breakfast and an evening meal during semesters. You will have your own bedroom but share a bathroom with a small number of other students. 

    Accommodation - what are your options

    2. Finding the right hall accommodation for you

    For students with disabilities and medical conditions

    Self-catered accommodation suitable for independent wheelchair users is available:

    Accommodation - finding accommodation 1

    There is a high demand for these places so please contact us early to check on availability. Additionally we can provide alerting equipment and phone lines for students with hearing or sight impairment, or conditions such as epilepsy. If you have a medical condition which requires a specific kind of accommodation please tell us and we can arrange it. You must declare your disability when you apply in order for us to consider it in the allocation, along with supporting evidence in English. If you disclose it after allocation we may not be able to move you.

    For Postgraduate students

    The following halls offer postgraduate blocks which we will endeavour to keep as such, however we can make no guarantee that they will remain entirely postgraduate blocks throughout your stay:

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    For couples and families

    Accommodation for couples or families is very limited. Please inform the Accommodation Bureau as early as possible if you require this by emailing with the subject 'Family Flats'. 

    Single-sex accommodation

    If you ask for accommodation in a single-sex flat we will do our best to arrange it.

    After your first year

    University halls are also available for continuing students. After your first year, you can book accommodation with a group of friends and choose one of the options specifically designed for the needs of a continuing student.

    3. How to apply and guarantee your place?

    If you’re a first year international student from outside the European Union (EU) you are guaranteed a place as long as you apply by the deadline. Or as a first year EU student who make Brookes your firm choice, you will be guaranteed a place as long as you apply by the deadline.

    Detailed information on how and when to apply for halls as an international or EU students is available on our accommodation website.

    Accommodation - how to apply

    4. Other accommodation

    University-managed houses and private accommodation

    University-managed houses are available for students who wish to live in a group. The houses are furnished and each student rents a single room and shares the rest of the house, including the kitchen and bathroom, with other students.

    Private lodgings can be arranged, but check out our advice before attempting to rent a room privately.