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  • Campus facilities

    Oxford Brookes has 3 campuses which are situated in and around the city of Oxford, and connected by our BROOKESbus service. They are Harcourt Hill, Headington and Wheatley.

    Headington Campus, one mile to the east side of the city, is our busiest campus

    Headington campus

    Harcourt Hill Campus is two miles west of the city centre

    Harcourt Hill campus

    Wheatley Campus is on the edge of a small town six miles east of the city centre

    Wheatley campus

    They are linked to each other and the city centre by the BROOKESbus service

    Brookes bus

    Each campus has a number of facilities including:



    a library


    computer rooms

    Computer rooms



    a shop


    sports fields

    Sports fields

    The John Henry Brookes Building: an award-winning new learning and student space